AEW Dark: Elevation Results: Powerhouse Hobbs dominates ex-WWE star, Ruby Soho teams up with top babyfaces in main event

AEW Dark: Elevation Results, Grades, Highlights
AEW Dark: Elevation Results, Grades, Highlights
Uday Maggon

Welcome to the results for AEW Dark: Elevation. This Monday's show featured seven matches, the usual number on the YouTube show.

Elevation witnessed two huge multi-man tag matches. One involved the Dark Order in a 10-man tag team match, while in the main event, Ruby Soho teamed up with two very popular babyfaces to defeat three equally detestable heels. Powerhouse Hobbs, meanwhile, dominated an ex-WWE Tag Team Champion before his match against Dante Martin.

So let's dive into this week's episode of Dark: Elevation:

Dante Martin vs. Kevin Matthews on AEW Dark: Elevation

Dante Martin started strong with a headlock and a dropkick before Kevin Matthews turned him inside out with a huge lariat. He stomped on the high-flyer and stretched the latter between the ring ropes.

He applied a headlock as Dante punched him in the midsection, but Matthews stopped him with a knee strike. Martin moved out of a crossbody attempt and hit multiple dropkicks. He followed it up with a springboard splash on the outside. Dante Martin hit a double jump springboard moonsault for the win.

Result: Dante Martin def. Kevin Matthews

Grade: C+

Riley Shepard vs. Thunder Rosa on AEW Dark: Elevation

Making her way to the ring from the graveyards of Tijuana, Mexico - it's @thunderrosa22! Don't miss any of the #AEWDarkElevation action!▶️

Thunder Rosa took on Riley Shepard after her match against Mercedes Martinez on AEW Dynamite. La Mera Mera reversed a headlock into a side headlock and a headlock takeover.

Rosa chopped her opponent in the corner and hit a running lariat before hitting a double stomp. She planted Shepard with a slam for the win.

Result: Thunder Rosa def. Riley Shepard

Grade: C

Zack Clayton vs. Serpentico on AEW Dark: Elevation

Serpentico made a jump start, but Zack Clayton dropped him with a dropkick. The latter hit a huge German suplex, but a distraction from Luther allowed Serpentico to strike him.

Serpentico hit a superkick and a DDT for a nearfall. The Chaos Project member missed a top rope splash, and Clayton punished him for it by tossing him outside and hitting a running power slam on the floor. Clayton won the match with a Fisherman's Buster.

Result: Zack Clayton def. Serpentico

Grade: B-

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Matt Sydal on AEW Dark: Elevation

Matt Sydal started the AEW Elevation match with quick kicks, but Powerhouse Hobbs grabbed him by the neck. The former locked in a sleeper hold, but Hobbs backed him into a corner. The Team Taz member hit a huge lariat and followed it with two elbow drops.

He placed Sydal on the top turnbuckle and clubbed his chest with vicious strikes. Hobbs hit a running power slam for a nearfall and then hit a vertical suplex before wearing down Sydal with a shoulder claw.

The former WWE star fought back with knee strikes and kicks, but Ricky Starks interfered, allowing Hobbs to win with the Torture Rack.

Result: Powerhouse Hobbs def. Matt Sydal

Grade: B

Men of the Year vs. Jaden Valo and Steve Pina on AEW Dark: Elevation

#MenOfTheYear's @OfficialEGO and @ScorpioSky in tag team action on #AEWDarkElevation next!Catch all the action right here!▶️

Ethan Page and Jaden Valo started the match as All Ego hit a huge shoulder tackle. Scorpio Sky tagged in and hit a backbreaker, and continued to wear his opponent down.

Valo hit an enziguiri and made the tag to Steve Pina. Pina dominated his opponents before tagging in Valo. Ethan Page hit the Ego's Edge for the win.

Result: Men of the Year def. Jaden Valo and Steve Pina

Grade: C

The Dark Order vs. The Acclaimed, 2point0 and Daniel Garcia on AEW Dark: Elevation

A huge 10-man match up next on #AEWDarkElevation! #DarkOrder make their way to the ring!▶️

John Silver and Anthony Bowens started the match with shoulder tackles and uppercuts. The former took out all the heels, prompting them to invade the ring and give them the advantage.

Matt Lee tagged in and chopped Silver. Jeff Parker tagged in as the heels isolated Silver in their corner. Silver hit a double suplex on Daniel Garcia and Jeff Parker before tagging in Alex Reynolds.

All ten men brawled in the ring as Evil Uno got a nearfall on Daniel Garcia with a flat liner. Both teams made quick tags as all men got involved at some point. In the end, Anthony Bowens got the win by pinning Alan Angels.

Result: The Acclaimed, 2point0 and Daniel Garcia def. The Dark Order

Grade: B+

Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura and The Bunny vs. Ruby Soho, Tay Conti and Anna Jay on AEW Dark: Elevation

The Bunny and Anna Jay started the main event as the former used her jacket to choke her opponent. Ruby Soho tagged in but ate a thrust kick before rolling out the ring. Back inside, Emi Sakura tagged in and hit a running crossbody in the corner. She missed a top rope splash, allowing Tay Conti to tag in.

She hit a pump kick in the corner, but Emi Sakura reversed a DDTay attempt to tag in The Bunny. Ruby Soho tagged in and hit a Pele Kick for the win.

Result: Ruby Soho, Tay Conti, and Anna Jay def. Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura, and The Bunny

Grade: C+

Edited by Angana Roy


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