AEW Dark Elevation Results - Top star reveals new look, Former champion attacks partner, Orange Cassidy in a squash match - 26th April 2021

Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander on AEW Dark: Elevation.
Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander on AEW Dark: Elevation.
Lennard Surrao

We welcome you to the seventh episode of AEW Dark: Elevation. As always, Paul Wight and Tony Schiavone completed the introductions before moving to the first match of the evening on AEW Dark: Elevation.

Chuck Taylor (w/ Trent) vs. Rey Fenix (w/ Penta El Zeo M) on AEW Dark: Elevation

Referee Bryce Remsburg called for the bell, and Rey Fenix went straight for Taylor's legs. Taylor responded by engaging in some work on the mat.

Fenix was no slouch on the ground either as he ended the sequence in a stalemate. Taylor sent Fenix outside with an arm drag takedown. Fenix returned to the ring and connected with two chops.

Fenix outsmarted Taylor with a modified springboard neckbreaker. There is a reason why Fenix is considered one of the most innovative wrestlers of the modern generation.

Fenix shifted the action to the outside and connected with a few punches. Back in the ring, Fenix worked on Taylor's right arm, which, according to Wight, was a classic Lucha Libre technique for wearing down opponents.

Fenix followed the submission with a dropkick on the button. Penta and Trent had a brief face-off near ringside while Fenix got a quick two-count on Chuck.

Trent pounded away on the mat and urged his teammate to mount a comeback. Chuck did precisely that by breaking away from a gut-wrench hold and delivering a huge German suplex.

Chuck got a two-count with a Falcon Arrow. Fenix tried to keep up with Chuck, and he used his quickness to deliver a front roll pop-up into a cutter. Incredible. Chuck Taylor's kickout was even better!

Fenix called for the finish, but Chuck fought out of the fireman's carry with a few elbows. Fenix responded with a big chop, followed by his patented rope-walk.

Chuck countered with the sole food, followed by a piledriver. Pinfall. 1...2...kickout! Fenix remained in the match. Alex Abrahantes came out with a microphone to cause a distraction, and Orange Cassidy followed him out. Penta got involved and wiped Orange out with a superkick.

AEW referees came out to restore some order. Meanwhile, Rey Fenix took advantage of all the chaos by rolling up Taylor for the win. Fenix even posed for the cameras during the pinfall in AEW Dark Elevation.

Result: Rey Fenix def. Chuck Taylor on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: B+

Ryan Nemeth (w/ Cezar Bononi & Peter Avalon) vs. Ryzin on AEW Dark: Elevation

Ryzin looked quite lively as he kicked off the match with his face on the mat. Nemeth used his quickness to take Ryzin's back.

Both men locked up, and they engaged in an ear tug! Referee Aubrey Edwards had to break up the tug of war, and Ryzin even pushed a thumb in Nemeth's eyes.

Avalon jumped up on the apron, and Edwards had a job on her hands. On the other side, Bononi tripped Ryzin's feet, and Nemeth took control with a botchy sequence.

Nemeth dropped his elbows from the top on Ryzin and began his usual showboating routine. The former Ohio Valley Wrestling rookie of the year did the headstand headlock on Ryzin.

Nemeth did the Pee-wee Herman dance, and Ryzin wasn't a happy man. The big man kicked Nemeth in the face before delivering a scoop slam.

Ryzin went up top, but Avalon tried to stop him. Ryzin fought off the resistance but still missed the Swanton bomb as Nemeth got his knees up.

The Hollywood Hunk hit the Rude Awakening (Neckbreaker) on Ryzin for the win on AEW Dark: Elevation.

Result: Ryan Nemeth def. Ryzin on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: C

Orange Cassidy vs. Dean Alexander on AEW Dark: Elevation

Orange Cassidy slowly wore his elbow pad and, as usual, casually soaked in the atmosphere before the AEW Dark: Elevation match. Alexander reacted by shoving him down to the mat.

Cassidy stayed on his back and popped the crowd by putting his hands in the pocket. Cassidy sprang up to his feet and hit a dropkick, followed by the Orange Punch. Easiest payday ever as Orange picked up a comfortable squash victory.

"Freshly Squeezed's undefeated streak in 2021 continues.

Result: Orange Cassidy def. Dean Alexander on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: D

Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth, Cezar Bononi, and JD Drake had a backstage segment next. The biggest takeaway from the angle was Avalon's line, "Skin is in, skin is win".

The Acclaimed vs. Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis (AEW Tag Team Debut) on AEW Dark: Elevation

Anthony Bowens made his big in-ring return after a brief injury layoff as he started the match with Liam Gray.

Bowens looked smooth on his comeback as he clobbered Gray in the corner. While Gray reacted valiantly, Bowens attacked Liam's throat before tagging Caster.

The Acclaimed hit an elbow strike-leg drop combo on Gray before Caster got in a modified chin lock. Gray tried to break the hold with a few elbows, but Caster rolled over and took the top mount position.

Caster was methodical in his approach, and he tagged Bowens back into the match. They delivered a double suplex on Gray. Bowens got a two-count before sending multiple downward elbows on Gray's spine.

Caster and Bowens made quick tags and targeted several parts of Gray's body. Gray finally broke free with a jawbreaker, followed by a pump handle suplex.

Adrian Alanis finally got the hot tag, and he hit a big forearm shot and a running lariat.

He executed a spinebuster on Caster. He shifted his attention to Bowens and hit a sling blade for a two-count. Gray got the tag, and he went up to the top.

Bowens shoved Alanis into Gray, who tumbled to the mat. Bowens slammed Gray before Caster's top-rope elbow drop got them the win. Caster struck to tradition and kissed Gray's arm after the victory.

Result: The Acclaimed def. Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: B

Alex Reynolds and Alan "5" Angels were scheduled for a tag team match later tonight against Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, and they hyped up the contest in a backstage segment.

Nick Comoroto (w/ The Factory) vs. VSK on AEW Dark: Elevation

Comoroto placed the stairs near the ramp for QT Marshall, and The Factory leader took his seat before the AEW Dark: Elevation match.

VSK didn't even let Comoroto take the robe off as he executed a dropkick. Comroto was rightfully triggered, and he caught VSK mid-air and slammed him down with authority.

Comoroto delivered a sledgehammer shot to VSK's back. The former WWE developmental talent dominated the proceedings.

However, VSK was still in the match, and he responded to adversity with a dropkick. Comoroto reacted with a massive shoulder tackle.

Comoroto finished the match with the Military press into the powerslam. Freakish strength!

Result: Nick Comoroto def. VSK on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: C

QT signaled for another powerslam, and Comoroto executed his boss' orders.

A really well-made video package chronicling the life and rise of Leyla Hirsch aired next as part of AEW's Rising Star series.

Diamante & Amber Nova (AEW Tag Team debut) vs. Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami on AEW Dark: Elevation

Leyla Hirsch and Amber Nova got the match underway, and Leyla unsurprisingly used her amateur wrestling background to assume control.

Ryo got the tag, and the veteran Joshi star started her offensive routine with an elbow. Ryo wanted to lock horns with Diamante, and the Hispanic star received the tag. Diamante raked Ryo in the eyes before connecting with several forearm shots.

Mizunami responded with a massive shoulder tackle. Leyla came into the match, but Diamante and Amber Nova isolated their opponents.

Diamante hit a suplex on Hirsch while Nova dumped Diamante out of the ring. Amber Nova used the turnbuckle to deliver a clever scissor-head move. Hirsch dug in deep and executed a clutch gut-wrench suplex. Mizunami got the hot tag, and she hit multiple shoulder tackles.

Mizunami took on both her opponents and came out on top. Ryo was on song as she delivered a barrage of open-handed chops. Hirsch came in and hit the running double knees in the corner. Mizunami and Hirsch used a top-rope double-team move on Nova, but Diamante broke the count.

Hirsch, however, ended the contest with an armbar on Amber Nova.

Result: Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami def. Diamante & Amber Nova on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: B-

Diamante attacked Hirsch after the match, and Ryo jumped in to make the save. Tony Schiavone confirmed via Tony Khan that Diamante and Hirsch would face each other singles competition on next week's AEW Dynamite.

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky were having trouble coming up with a tag team name during a hilarious backstage interview with Dasha Gonzalez that featured next on AEW Dark: Elevation.

Tesha Price vs. Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy & The Best Friends) on AEW Dark: Elevation

Statlander kicked off the AEW Dark: Elevation match with a side headlock takedown on Tesha Price. Price refused to be 'Booped' on the tip of her nose by Statlander, and she ate a powerslam as a result of her reluctance.

Statlander German suplexed Price into the lower turnbuckle. Price spent some time recovering and connected with a few kicks in response. Kris reacted with a backbreaker.

AEW's alien hit the Big Bang Theory, aka the Cradle Tombstone Piledriver, for the win.

Result: Kris Statlander def. Tesha Price on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: C

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky vs. Alex Reynolds & Alan "5" Angels of The Dark Order on AEW Dark: Elevation

Scorpio Sky and Alex Reynolds started one of the featured matches on this week's AEW Dark: Elevation.

Sky took Reynolds down and disrespectfully walked over him. Sky tried to 'show up' Reynolds, and the plan had worked thus far.

Reynolds countered by evading an incoming move followed by a deep arm drag. Reynolds picked up the pace and started out-wrestling Sky. Sky's mind games seemed to have failed until he delivered a cheap shot.

Ethan Page tagged himself into the match, but he got caught with a punch. Reynolds and Angels hit a dropkick-splash combo on Page. Sky rushed in to save his partner, but Angels hit a big double ax handle into Scorpio's upper back area.

Angels delivered the southpaw punches in the corner, followed by a great dropkick on Page for a two-count. "All Ego" ate a few chops, but a much-needed misdirection play from Sky helped Page mow down Angels.

The heels were now on top, and Alan was about to experience a brief spell of pain in the match. Page dropped Angels with a big slam, and he just toyed around with his opponent before tagging Sky.

Scorpio executed a backbreaker, and he kept Angels in a submission hold, focussing on the lumbar area. Scorpio and Ethan worked on Angels' back, and the game plan was paying dividends for the duo.

Angels, however, escaped the Ego's Edge and delivered an arm drag takedown. Angels took Sky down with a discus lariat, and he crawled his way to make the hot tag to Reynolds.

Alex hit a big pump kick, followed by two back elbows on Page. Reynolds took Scorpio out with a tope suicida on the outside. He ran back in and hit a spinning neckbreaker on Page for a near fall.

Page got back up and hit a stiff right hand. He, however, absorbed a knee lift, followed by an inverted cutter. Sky came back in and sent Reynolds outside.

Angels blocked the Ego's Edge and reversed it into a near fall. Page countered the wing snapper, and Angels went to the middle turnbuckle.

Scorpio Sky swept Angels' feet, and The Dark Order member's head hit the top turnbuckle on his way down. Page then picked Angels up and delivered the Ego's Edge for the victory. AEW's newest tag team is now 4-0 since forming a partnership.

Result: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky def. Alex Reynolds & Alan "5" Angels of The Dark Order on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: B+

Big Swole & Red Velvet vs. Nyla Rose & Madi Wrenkowski on AEW Dark: Elevation

Vickie Guerrero 'checked out' Justin Roberts and baited him in with a few pleasantries before dumping the announcer out of the ring on AEW Dark: Elevation.

Guerrero introduced Nyla Rose and Madi Wrenkowski before the match. Madi, though, didn't look all too comfortable during her entrance. The cracks have started to appear in the alliance.

Big Swole unveiled a brand new look as she cut her hair and looked really sharp. Red Velvet immediately went after Nyla Rose with a dropkick.

Swole got the tag and hit an enziguri on Rose. Madi Wrenkowski wanted to enter the match, and a frustrated Rose obliged and tossed her partner into the ring. That's one aggressive way of tagging your partner!

Madi and Swole locked up to continue the match. Swole hit a nice hip toss, followed by a European uppercut to Madi's shoulder blades.

Velvet came into the match and executed a high dropkick. Madi, however, sent Velvet face-first into the bottom turnbuckle. Madi slammed Velvet into the mat and mocked her opponent's 'Stir It Up' gesture. Velvet reacted with an enziguri.

Nyla Rose, though, was done with the match as she attacked Madi Wrenkowski. Rose hit her partner with a Beast Bomb. Velvet pinned Madi for the win while Rose left with Vickie Guerrero.

Result: Big Swole & Red Velvet def. Nyla Rose & Madi Wrenkowski on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: C

Main Event: Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal) vs. Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) on AEW Dark: Elevation

The main event of the AEW Dark: Elevation got underway with a hammerlock exchange. Joey Janela was wrestling in his 51st AEW match, and he was involved in some good old-fashioned wrestling with Sydal during the early stages of the AEW contest.

Both high-flyers worked on their ground game, and it was engaging. Mutual respect between the competitors was also present as they bumped fists after a stalemate. Janela rolled to the apron and took some time to refocus.

Janela went behind Sydal, but Matt Sydal secured a takedown and locked in a unique chin lock.

Sydal's takedown game was solid tonight as he scored another one over Janela. Joey, however, resorted to what he does best with a stiff counter clothesline and a big back-body suplex.

Janela picked up the pace with two elbow drops. The reversals came fast and thick in the match as Matt Sydal leg tripped Janela before executing a standing moonsault press for a two-count.

Janela responded with a brainbuster on the apron. Brutal! Janela twisted Sydal's arm and executed a forceful Irish whip in the corner.

Janela wore Sydal down with a deep headlock. A 'Let's Go, Sydal' chant kicked off in the arena. Janela hit a big single ax handle before delivering a simple scoop slam.

The Bad Boy flexed, but he wasted time, and Sydal hit a series of kicks. Matt used Janela's momentum to create some separation. Sydal came running through for a basement strike in the corner.

Sydal took flight and hit the double knees on Janela for a near fall. Both men canceled each other out with lariats.

Aubrey Edwards started the ten count in the AEW Dark: Elevation match. Janela and Sydal traded blows in the center of the ring after getting to a vertical base.

Joey loved a slugfest, and he predictably won the battle of fists. Janela almost tore Sydal's head off with a massive lariat. Sydal countered a suplex with a mid-air hurricanerana. That was a slick move and looked nearly impossible to execute, but you can always trust the former WWE star to pull such athletic feats off with relative ease.

Janela caught Sydal from a springboard move and delivered a Death Valley driver for another near fall. Joey went up but missed the diving elbow drop as Sydal got his knees up. Sydal hit a question mark kick, followed by the Lightning Spiral for the three-count on AEW Dark: Elevation.

Sydal and Janela put on a fundamentally sound match. Top effort from both men!

Result: Matt Sydal def. Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: A


Check out the latest AEW Dark: Elevation episode above.

Edited by Amar Anand
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