AEW Dark Results - Heels get massive babyface reaction, Feud gets personal, Dustin Rhodes in a big main event, and more (20th July 2021)

AEW Dark Results (20th July 2021)
AEW Dark Results (20th July 2021)
Lennard Surrao

Dark Order's Alan "5" Angels & Preston "10" Vance & Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr., Griff Garrison) (w/ Julia Hart) vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster, Anthony Bowens) & Private Party (Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy) on AEW Dark

One of the featured matches on AEW Dark had some of the biggest teams in AEW sharing the ring. The babyface quartet got a rousing reception as they got down the ramp for an expectably high-octane match.

Max Caster's verse today was weaker than most weeks, but The Acclaimed still got a tremendous pop despite being heels. A babyface turn for them could be just around the corner.

Kassidy and Vance got the match underway with a side headlock. The Dark Order's strongest member showed off his power with a shoulder block. Isiah couldn't catch a break as he got knocked down with a massive shoulder tackle.

Quen tried to interfere, but Angels came in to assist with a double crossbody on Private Party. The Blonds executed a powerbomb-dropkick combo to maintain control for the babyfaces.

Pillman was the legal man now as he worked on Kassidy's left arm. The Hardy Family member landed a cheap shot and reversed an Irish whip.

Quen grabbed Pillman's boot as Private Party exploited an opening and delivered the Silly String move.

Caster asked for the tag and brought Pillman to their corner. The Acclaimed chopped Brian Pillman Jr. down with kicks. Quen got the tag, and he leaped off the top with a double sledgehammer shot.

Kassidy reentered the match and laid out Pillman with a combination elbow drop with Quen. The Varsity Blond countered with a big boot before power-bombing Quen on top of Kassidy.

Griff Garrison got the hot tag, and he wiped out Acclaimed with two clotheslines followed by a high boot.

He sent Bowens flying through the air with a back body drop. Griff worked in tandem with Preston Vance by setting Bowens up for a spinebuster. Angels got the tag next, who executed a moonsault press for a near fall.

Quen broke the count as a chorus of boos echoed around the arena. An intense sequence followed, which began with Kassidy dropping Vance with a corkscrew kick. Garrison then wobbled Kassidy with a rolling elbow strike. Caster came in and took Garrison out with a dropkick. Pillman returned as well, and he knocked Max with a thrust kick.

Bowens, though, took control with some combination offense, followed by a modified DDT. Angels hit the rope and crashed into Bowens with a double crossbody.

The crowd was thunderous as Bowens grabbed the boombox! Julia Hart took it away from the apron as Angels rolled Bowens up for a near fall. Dark Order's "5" got another near fall with a Standing Spanish Fly. Caster prevented Angels from executing a top-rope move, and Private Party rushed in to deliver the Gin and Juice (top rope Frankenstiener into a Cutter)

Caster, the legal competitor, hit the Mic Drop from the top turnbuckle for a three-count over Alan Angels. What a match!

Result: The Acclaimed & Private Party def. Dark Order's Alan "5" Angels & Preston "10" Vance & Varsity Blonds on AEW Dark

Grade: A+

The Acclaimed took the microphone and cut an unapologetic promo directed at Julia Hart and The Varsity Blonds.

Bowens said, "We're tired of playing second fiddle to a tag team whose strongest member of the tag team is a cheerleader who loves to be tag teamed."

Anthony pushed the heel boundaries with his promo and made things personal, and the reactions from the crowd said it all!

Abadon vs. Promise Braxton (AEW Debut) on AEW Dark

The AEW debutant looked apprehensive about locking up with Abadon. Both women finally got into a collar and elbow tie-up.

Braxton landed a few chops in the corner, but Aabdon absorbed the impact, reversed a hammer throw, and dropped her with a blindside clothesline to the back of the head.

Abadon drove Promise's face onto the mat before delivering a perfect pop-up powerbomb. AEW's "Dead Girl" hooked her feet around Promise's head and gave a head-scissors DDT for the win on AEW Dark.

Result: Abadon def. Promise Braxton on AEW Dark

Grade: B

Edited by Kartik Arry


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