AEW Dark Results - Major star ejected during main event, Two debuts, Dante Martin picks up massive win against veteran, and more (1st March 2022)

QT Marshall and Dante Martin on AEW Dark.
QT Marshall and Dante Martin on AEW Dark.
Lennard Surrao

AEW returned with an 11-match card for this week's episode of Dark, and the show began with a video package hyping up the company's upcoming Revolution event.

"Big Shotty" Lee Johnson vs. Darian Bengston on AEW Dark

What a way to kick off tonight’s #AEWDark starting with a big win for @BigShottyLee! Tune in NOW ▶️

Lee Johnson was fundamentally strong throughout the match as he utilized a series of moves to keep Darian Bengston on the ground. Bengston missed a top-rope move and paid for it by getting laid out with a twisting neckbreaker.

Johnson finished the match with a Fisherman neckbreaker.

Result: Lee Johnson def. Darian Bengston

Sonny Kiss vs. Ashton Starr

It’s all smiles here as @SonnyKissXO confidently struts into the ring to face @AshtonIsAStarr NOW on #AEWDark - Tune in at

Ashton Starr managed a few takedowns early on, but Sonny Kiss's unique move set was too much for him to handle.

Kiss escaped a backbreaker submission but got caught in a Northern Lights suplex. Sonny got back with a single-leg dropkick, an overhead throw, and a corkscrew commonguri kick for the win.

Result: Sonny Kiss def. Ashton Starr

The Acclaimed vs. B. Jack & Donovan Izzolena on AEW Dark

And that’s a MIC DROP from the #TheAcclaimed! Tune in NOW to #AEWDark at

Max Caster dropped another epic verse before the match got underway. The Acclaimed experienced a dominant start as Donovan Izzolena absorbed a lot of damage.

B.Jack entered the ring to help his partner, but The Acclaimed took him out too with an assisted powerslam. The Acclaimed continued to punish Donovan and set the stage for 'The Mic Drop' finisher and the three-count.

Result: The Acclaimed def. B. Jack & Donovan Izzolena

Danielle Kamela (AEW Debut) vs. Marina Shafir on AEW Dark

.@MarinaShafir gets her 3rd #AEW win of 2022 by way of submission proving once again she is #TheProblem! Don’t miss another second of #AEWDark NOW at

Marina Shafir has one of the coolest entrances in all of AEW, and she had a bone-chilling staredown with her opponent before kicking off the match.

The AEW debutant did well by getting a two-count with a rolling neckbreaker. Shafir executed a Judo throw and targeted her opponent's neck. The former WWE star mercilessly slammed her opponent to the mat and locked in a leg capture submission for the victory.

Result: Marina Shafir def. Danielle Kamela

Dante Martin vs. Jack Evans on AEW Dark

A physical battle here on #AEWDark but a strategic Moonsault gets the win for @lucha_angel1! Don’t miss another second of #AEWDark NOW at

Dante Martin baited Jack Evans into conceding control of the match, and he predictably took the fight to his opponent.

The action spilled to the ringside area briefly as Martin sent the AHFO member crashing into the barricade. Evans used the referee as a distraction to knock Martin off the top rope and began calling the shots in the match.

Evans then showcased his range of moves with a modified Muta lock and a few suplex variations. Martin was sent outside again and was taken down with a Rider kick from the top. Dante beat the 10-count and ate a few chest kicks back in the ring.

Martin stopped Evans with a high-angle enziguri, but he couldn't evade a standing sky twister press. Jack got a two-count and kept looking for the win. The match's turning point came when Martin executed a clutch hurricanrana on Evans, who was seated on the top turnbuckle.

Martin hit two back elbows and a facebuster slam, followed by a running shotgun dropkick. Dante took the aerial route once again as he wiped out the heels with an Escalera Con Hilo on the outside. At the end of the match, he hit a double-jump springboard moonsault for another big win.

Result: Dante Martin def. Jack Evans on AEW Dark

The Wingmen cut an entertaining backstage promo before the next match of the evening.

Abadon vs. Sahara Seven on AEW Dark

Sahara Seven clearly looked intimidated by AEW's 'Dead Girl.' Seven claimed that she didn't sign up for the match but still managed to land a few strikes after the bell rang.

Abadon eventually got the upper hand and proceeded to decimate her opponent systematically. She scored the win with her leg-hook DDT finisher.

Result: Abadon def. Sahara Seven

Diamante vs. Vipress on AEW Dark

Somebody get help for @_vipress, we have a #CodeRed! @diamantelax secures the win tonight on #AEWDark - Tune in NOW at

It didn't take time for Diamante to impose herself over Vipress as she landed some nasty ground-and-pound shots.

While Vipress briefly enjoyed some momentum with a barrage of punches, Diamante delivered a Cazadora Stunner, followed by the Code Red out of nowhere for the win.

Result: Diamante def. Vipress

Kiera Hogan vs. Kelsey Raegan (AEW Debut) on AEW Dark

Death by Roundhouse Kick as @HoganKnowsBest3 scores the win! Tune in NOW to #AEWDark at!

In the opening seconds of the match, Kiera Hogan successfully shut down Kelsey Raegan after she delivered a hip attack in the corner.

Hogan got a near fall with a leg-drop facebuster as Raegan attempted to mount a comeback in the match. Kiera punctured her opponent's hopes with a perfect roundhouse kick for the win.

Result: Kiera Hogan def. Kelsey Raegan

Daniel Garcia vs. Josh Woods on AEW Dark

A nasty Piledriver secures the win for @GarciaWrestling! Tune in NOW to #AEWDark at!

Daniel Garcia rejected his opponent's handshake offer and got right down to business with an ankle pick.

Josh Woods gave a good account of his in-ring potential with some potent attacks during the first few minutes. Garcia smartly regained control of the proceedings and focussed on getting another submission win. Woods created some space with an overhead slam, followed by a few running strikes in the corner.

Woods looked great as he got a two-count from a knee lift. Garcia, however, reversed a suplex and planted him with a Saito suplex.

Later, Josh got a near fall with a butterfly suplex into a neck breaker and almost pulled off an upset win. Woods was relentless as he delivered two deadlift German suplexes. Garcia blocked the third suplex with a standing switch and executed a vicious Gotch-style piledriver for a hard-fought victory.

Result: Daniel Garcia def. Josh Woods

Shawn Dean vs. Will Austin on AEW Dark

Hit ‘em with the deal! @ShawnDean773 called his shot and SCORED a win tonight on #AEWDark - Tune in NOW to

The first lock-up ended in a stalemate as both competitors looked equally strong. 'The Captain' was impressive as he knocked Austin down with a dropkick.

Shawn Dean was on point in the match-up as he went up top for a massive splash. Dean opted not to cover and executed his finisher for a straightforward win on Dark.

Result: Capt. Shawn Dean def. Will Austin

AEW Dark Main Event: Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto vs. Wheeler Yuta & Orange Cassidy

What a battle, what a struggle, what a win by @Orangecassidy & @WheelerYuta! Missed #AEWDark? Watch it NOW:

Wheeler Yuta and Aaron Solo began the night's main event with a wristlock exchange.

Nick Comoroto came in and mocked Yuta's size and called for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Comoroto easily outpowered Yuta before Cassidy got the tag to a huge pop.

The babyfaces gave the fans a lot to cheer about as they isolated Aaron Solo in their corner and delivered a double suplex. QT Marshall jumped up on the apron and created a distraction for his Factory stablemates.

Solo rocked Yuta with a corkscrew kick before tagging Comoroto into the match. Nick displayed his freakish strength with a military press slam. The heels were in the driver's seat until Yuta sneaked away to tag Orange Cassidy.

'Freshly Squeezed' outwrestled Solo and scored a two-count with a diving crossbody from the top. QT once again helped his partners when he caught Cassidy's attention from the ringside area.

Comoroto executed a massive delayed vertical suplex as Cassidy stayed in the air for a very long time! The latter countered Comoroto's suplex into the Stundog millionaire and made the hot tag to Wheeler Yuta.

Solo came in to assist his partner, only to get dumped out of the ring by Cassidy. Wheeler and Orange executed a double-back suplex on Comoroto. However, QT pushed Yuta behind the referee's back.

Give the people what they seem to want, @dabryceisright. @qtmarshall is ejected from the match! Tune in NOW to #AEWDark - ▶️

Comoroto took advantage and delivered a spear before tagging Solo, who landed a diving foot stomp from the top for a near fall. Nick might have made a mistake by not going for the pinfall and tagging in Solo.

The match continued as Yuta reversed the Pedigree into an abdominal stretch. The referee eventually sent QT Marshall to the back after he was caught red-handed trying to influence the match.

Comoroto broke Yuta's seatbelt pinfall back in the ring over Aaron Solo. Nick also grabbed Cassidy mid-air but couldn't evade a DDT.

Solo was in a lot of trouble as he ate the Orange Punch and seamlessly fell into Yuta's bridged German suplex, which got the babyfaces the three-count.

Result: Wheeler Yuta & Orange Cassidy def. Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto


You can check out the full AEW Dark episode above, and don't forget to share your reviews in the comments section below.

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