AEW Dark Special Results - Matt Hardy unhappy after a massive main event, Top babyface suffers crushing loss and more (February 10, 2022)

The unexpected edition of AEW Dark had four exciting matches.
The unexpected edition of AEW Dark had four exciting matches.
Lennard Surrao

AEW offered a special Thursday-night Dark episode this week in addition to its regular Tuesday broadcast.

The surprise edition of Dark featured four matches and some known faces in action, so let's not waste any time and get to what happened on the show:

A special THURSDAY edition of #AEWDark begins NOW starting with #TheFactory's @AaronSoloAEW v @SonnyKissXO - Tune in NOW:

Aaron Solo (w/ The Factory) vs. Sonny Kiss on AEW Dark

Interference by @QTMarshall leads to @aaronsoloAEW stealing the win from knocked out @SonnyKissXO - Tune in NOW to special THURSDAY #AEWDark:

Sonny Kiss got the early advantage with a sunset flip and a quick arm drag. Solo fought back with a shot across the spine, but he couldn't block the opponent's hurricanrana.

Alongside the in-ring action, Aaron Solo distracted the referee while QT Marshall tripped Sonny Kiss from the ringside area. Fans in attendance booed as the heel took control of the proceedings with nasty ground-and-pound strikes. Marshall continued to make his presence felt as he connected with another cheap shot behind Aubrey Edwards' back.

Sonny Kiss began the comeback with a schoolboy pinfall. The star broke out of a chin lock, evaded a kick in a split, and landed a series of clotheslines. He followed it with a flipping body block and another leg lariat to take Solo down to the mat.

Kiss got a two-count from a splitting leg drop. Aaron slowly got back on his feet as his opponent hit a flipping inverted DDT for another near fall. A loud "Sonny" chant kicked off as Kiss missed the moonsault from the top rope. Solo hit Kiss with a kick to the back.

Aaron hit the double underhook facebuster (Pedigree) and picked up a massive win over the top babyface Sonny Kiss. Solo is back in the winner's column!

Result: Aaron Solo def. Sonny Kiss on AEW Dark

Grade: A

Abadon vs. Gia Scott (Debut) on AEW Dark

#LivingDeadGirl @abadon_AEW crawls her way into the ring against @TheGiaScott (#AEW debut) NOW on this special THURSDAY #AEWDark:

Gia Scott didn't seem afraid of the usually intimidating Abadon as the AEW debutant soaked in the atmosphere.

Abadon no-sold the early punches and smashed her opponent's face into the mat. Scott fired back with forearm shots in the corner, and she received a few cheers from the crowd for her offense.

Abadon got back with a hurricanrana, followed by a low-angle clothesline. Scott responded with a powerful Samoan drop. However, Abadon instantly popped up like The Undertaker, and she delivered a massive blow with the Stunner.

Abadon landed a dropkick, followed by "The Black Dahlia" finisher for the three-count.

Result: Abadon def. Gia Scott on AEW Dark

Grade: B

.@abadon_AEW drives her opponent's head into the mat and scores the win! Tune in NOW on this special THURSDAY #AEWDark:

Lee Johnson was featured in a video package next as he explained the origins of his "Fully Loaded" entrance theme song.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Ricky Starks) vs. Lee Johnson (w/ Brock Anderson) on AEW Dark

It's all power for #Powerhouse @TrueWillieHobbs headed to the ring against @BigShottyLee NOW on this special THURSDAY #AEWDark:

Lee Johnson evaded Powerhouse Hobbs' pre-match attack and took the fight to his opponent as referee Paul Turner called for the bell.

Johnson knocked Hobbs out of the ring with a dropkick. However, the latter quickly recuperated and drove Lee into the steel ring post.

The Team Taz member was relentless as he used his entire body to execute two hammer throws towards the turnbuckle. Brock Anderson got fans to cheer for Johnson as the babyface created some space with elbows and kicks.

Lee staggered Hobbs into the rope with an enziguri, but he couldn't muster up the power to deliver a suplex. He eventually pulled it off and got a loud pop from the crowd. Powerhouse hit a spine buster out of nowhere for an incredibly close pinfall attempt.

Johnson barely got his shoulder up as Hobbs looked stunned by the kick out. Lee blocked the Torture Rack once but failed to escape the excruciating move the second time around.

Result: Powerhouse Hobbs def. Lee Johnson on AEW Dark

Grade: A

An impressive match for @BigShottyLee but an emphatic victory for @TrueWillieHobbs getting the tap out from Johnson! Don't miss another second of this special Thursday edition of #AEWDark:

AEW Dark Main Event: AHFO's The Blade & Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Dante Martin, Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty

It's MAIN EVENT time here on #AEWDark for Trios action as #AHFO's #PrivateParty (@Marq_Quen & @IsiahKassidy) & @BladeofBuffalo against @lucha_angel1, @MattSydal & @theleemoriarty NOW! Tune in to this special Thursday edition of Dark here:

A massive six-man tag team match closed off the latest AEW Dark, and predictably enough, the main event had a chaotic opening as all the men brawled in and around the ring.

Matt Sydal took control of the match with two deep arm drags and a smooth hurricanrana. He chopped Blade's feet with a kick before tagging Dante Martin.

The Blade caught Martin with a big chop before taking him towards the heels' corner for the tag. Isiah Kassidy engaged in a pacy sequence with Martin, who slid between his opponent's legs to tag in Lee Moriarty.

Marq Quen came into the match and almost got caught in a roll-up from Moriarty, who followed it with a crossbody attack.

Lee locked in the abdominal stretch and reached out to Sydal for the tag. Martin and Sydal entered the ring and applied the same move on Kassidy and Blade.

The Andrade-Hardy Family Office was on top in the match as they wore Matt Sydal down in their corner. The Private Party executed a nice splash-senton combo and kept Sydal flattened on the mat.

Sydal finally changed the match's momentum by escaping a double suplex and landing a few clutch strikes. He countered the "Gin and Juice" move with a Meteora from the top rope on Kassidy.

Lee Moriarty got the hot tag and went on an onslaught against the heels. Martin got back in the match and delivered a powerbomb combination with him.

The babyfaces dumped their opponents out of the ring before Dante Martin launched off the ropes and took them all out. Moriarty and Sydal softened Blade up for the finish. Dante hit his 'Nose Dive' finisher to end the show on a high.

.@lucha_angel1 lands the nose dive securing a strong win with @mattsydal & @theleemoriarty against #PrivateParty (@Marq_Quen & @IsiahKassidy) & @BladeofBuffalo!Missed this special Thursday edition of #AEWDark? Tune in here:

Result: Dante Martin, Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty def. AHFO's The Blade & Private Party on AEW Dark

Grade: A


Matt Hardy didn't sound too happy after the match as he sent a stern message:

"Enough of the bulls**t. Tired of playing by the rules without being rewarded. I’ve been too giving for too long," Hardy wrote.

You can check out the special AEW Dark episode above, and feel free to share your reviews in the comments section below.

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