AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley makes big return, WALTER's name change trolled, Ladder Match challenge for major title

Mox and Cody made their much-anticipated returns on AEW Dynamite
Mox and Cody made their much-anticipated returns on AEW Dynamite
Uday Maggon

Welcome to the results for AEW Dynamite's January 19 episode. Wednesday's show was stacked in terms of matches and angles.

Former World Champion Jon Moxley made a highly anticipated return to the show, while another major star came back for completely different reasons. Adam Cole and Britt Baker competed in AEW as a couple for the first time against a popular act.

The House of Black made their tag team debut by successfully defeating Varsity Blondes while Sting and Darby Allin picked up yet another win against The Acclaimed. The Inner Circle saw further dissension within their ranks as well.

Without any delay, let's jump into the results for AEW Dynamite.

Jon Moxley makes his AEW return on Dynamite

The show opened with Jon Moxley making his long awaited return to All Elite Wrestling. The second-ever AEW World Champion got a massive reaction from the crowd as he picked up the microphone.

In typical fashion, the former WWE Champion used the f-word expletive to start his promo. He spoke about his demons haunting him and the inner scars he had been carrying. Scars he believed made him who he is.

He addressed the people who wrote him off and said that he doesn't run from his demons, he just beats the s**t out of them.

Jon Moxley thanked the fans for their support before announcing that he felt like he was truly free and raring to go. He claimed to have gone through hell and asked anyone in the AEW locker room to step up to him. He smashed the mic on the mat, picked up his jacket and walked back through the crowd.

Wardlow and MJF backstage vignette on Dynamite

MJF and Wardlow appeared in a pre-taped vignette, with the Salt of the Earth addressing CM Punk. He stated that the Second City Saint got away as a result of Wardlow's inexperience but Shawn Spears won't make the same mistake. To make matters worse for Wardlow, the former MLW star docked his pay, claiming he will increase it if the Pinnacle member wins the Face of the Revolution ladder match.

Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander vs Adam Cole and Britt Baker on AEW Dynamite

It’s @adamcolepro #BAYBAY! 💥Tune in to #AEWDynamite on @TBSNetwork right NOW!

The in-ring portion of the show started with a high profile mixed tag team match. Britt Baker stomped on Orange Cassidy's foot and showboated for a bit. However, this cost her as Kris Statlander got the early shots in.

The Doctor tagged in Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy took him out with a top rope crossbody. The former NXT Champion hit a Pump Kick but Cassidy responded with a huge DDT, forcing the Panama City Playboy to roll out of the ring to regroup.

Britt tried to interfere but Statlander caught her in a standing vertical suplex. Cassidy and Statlander proceeded to take out their opponents at ringside and embraced, but it proved costly as Baker and Cole hit simultaneous superkicks.

The show headed into its first picture in picture commercial as the heels took control of the match.

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Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander vs Adam Cole and Britt Baker on AEW Dynamite (contd...)

.@orangecassidy and @callmekrisstat give the people what they want!#AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

AEW Dynamite resumed with Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole taking each other out. Both men made hot tags to their partners as Kris Statlander hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two-count. The AEW Women's Champion got a nearfall of her own with a backslide roll-up.

Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole got the tags again as the former unloaded on the latter with fast rights. Cole hit an enziguiri as Cassidy hit a stunner.

Britt Baker made a blind tag and delivered a stomp on Cassidy, as Statlander entered the ring and hit a Death Valley Driver for another nearfall.

Adam Cole stopped the Galaxy's Favorite Alien from delivering a 450 Splash on Baker by putting his body on the line. Cassidy hit the Beach Break on Cole for a nearfall as he rolled out to the ramp once again. He lured Cassidy to the outside and hit a huge Superkick on the outside.

Baker delivered a Canadian Destroyer to Kris on the ramp as Adam Cole hit one on Cassidy inside the ring but OC kicked out.

A shocked Baker and Cole placed the timekeeper's table at ringside but Britt accidentally went through the table. An enraged Adam Cole hit a low blow on Cassidy and followed it up with The Boom for the win.

Result: Adam Cole and Britt Baker def. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander

Grade: B

Chris Jericho and Proud N Powerful backstage interview

Chris Jericho and Proud N Powerful were present backstage as Alex Marvez interviewed them. The Demo God insulted Eddie Kingston but Santana and Ortiz took offense to it.

They stated that perhaps the Mad King was right about Jericho holding them back, and they were done fighting his battles for him.

They said that they were going to look at their own interests and walked off as we saw the first real cracks in the Inner Circle.

Adam Cole challenges Orange Cassidy

AND THE D.M.D @realbrittbaker goes through the table!!Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right NOW!

A furious Adam Cole called out Orange Cassidy for taking out Britt Baker. Alex Marvez handed him a microphone as the former WWE Superstar vowed to end Orange Cassidy's career next week by challenging him to an 'Anything Goes Lights Out' match on Beach Break edition of AEW Dynamite.

CM Punk vs Shawn Spears on AEW Dynamite

It's clobberin' time! The #BestInTheWorld @CMPunk is here!#AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

After last week's obliteration on AEW Dynamite, CM Punk sought revenge on the Pinnacle as he went up against the Chairman.

MJF made his way to the commentary table as CM Punk hit the Go To Sleep within seconds of the bell ringing for a quick win.

Result: CM Punk def. Shawn Spears

Grade: C

MJF crept up behind CM Punk as the latter grabbed him by his scarf. The three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring escaped the Punk's wrath as the Voice of the Voiceless stood tall to end the segment.

Gunn Club ambushes Christian Cage

An uncalled for 3-on-1 assault to @christian4peeps courtesy of the #GunnClub! Tune in NOW to #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork

Billy Gunn stopped Christian Cage in his tracks, asking Captain Charisma for an AEW Tag Team Championship shot for the Gunn Club against Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus.

Christian shrugged him off but Austin and Colten Gunn ambushed the former IMPACT Wrestling Champion and laid him out.

Cody Rhodes makes his AEW return

In case you missed it, #CodyRhodes BUILT the forbidden door!Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right NOW!

TNT Champion Cody Rhodes made his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd as the show headed into commercial. Back on air, the crowd booed the American Nightmare as he asked the fans what they wanted to talk about. Cody Rhodes referenced CM Punk's pipebomb and discussed its impact on the wrestling business.

Cody Rhodes claimed that the revolution CM Punk spoke of was carried out by Cody Rhodes. He said that the fans jeering at him when he carried the burden on his shoulders is why he refused to turn heel.

The TNT Champion claimed he built the Forbidden Door in an impassioned rant as the crowd broke into a Cody chant. He fired shots at NXT by speaking about AEW beating them in the Wednesday Night Wars.

Cody Rhodes proceeded to put over Malakai Black and Jay Lethal before trolling WALTER's name change. He then addressed the fact that there were two TNT Champions and proposed a unification ladder match at Beach Break.

Anna Jay challenges Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship

Things just got more interesting! #DarkOrder's @annajay___ issues a challenge to the undefeated TBS Champion @jade_cargill! Tune in NOW to #AEWDynamite Live on @tbsnetwork 🧨

Jade Cargill, along with Smart Mark Sterling, and Anna Jay with John Silver were present backstage for an interview.

Mark reminded the Dark Order members that Jade Cargill is 24-0 in AEW, before John Silver claimed that Anna Jay will hand the inaugural TBS Champion her first loss by defeating her for the title.

Mark Sterling proceeded to accept the challenge on his client's behalf.

The House of Black vs Varsity Blondes on AEW Dynamite

Honoring the #HouseOfBlack, #KingsOfTheBlackThrone have arrived for their first official battle in #AEW. Tune in to #AEWDynamite on @TBSNetwork right NOW!

Brody King made his in-ring debut in AEW and started the match with Griff Garrison by immediately overpowering him. The House of Black members combined to dominate Griff, but he escaped and tagged in Brian Pillman Jr.

Brody King challenged Brian to hit the Air Pillman but he dropped to ringside instead. The AEW debutant ran over Griff Garrison at ringside before Malakai Black and King combined inside the ring to pick up a quick win on their Dynamite debut as a tag team.

Result: Malakai Black and Brody King def. Varsity Blondes

Grade: B

Malakai Black took the microphone and addressed the crowd but PAC interrupted him by appearing on the big screen. The former WWE star delivered an ominous message to the House of Black as Malakai and King walked back.

Rocky Romero and Trent Beretta challenge the Young Bucks

After a few bad matches, #BestFriends @trentylocks & @azucarRoc issue a challenge to battle #YoungBucks this FRIDAY on #AEWRampage at 10/9c on @tntdrama! Tune in to #AEWDynamite NOW LIVE on @tbsnetwork!

Rocky Romero reminded the Young Bucks that he and Trent defeated them during their time in Japan, and was ready to do it again. Trent Beretta stood next to him as Brandon Cutler recorded the duo.

They challenged the Jackson Brothers to a match on AEW Rampage, as Romero ordered Cutler to get out of his sight.

Frankie Kazarian vs Lance Archer on AEW Dynamite

Lance Archer hit a huge elbow strike to start the match but Frankie Kazarian came back with multiple kicks and strikes of his own. Archer took control as he dropped Kazarian with a lariat and wore the Elite Hunter down with forearm shots to the back.

The Murderhawk Monster dragged Kazarian around the ring and delivered a suplex. The former IWGP US Champion continued to dominate as he delivered a clothesline on the ring apron.

Back from commercial, Lance Archer was still on top as he whipped Kazarian into the turnbuckle and continued to ground his opponent in the corner. Archer tried for a Chokeslam but Kazarian reversed it and hit a Flying forearm.

Archer stopped the former AEW Tag Team Champion in his tracks and went for the Blackout. But Kazarian fought out of it, before delivering a Missile Dropkick from the top rope.

A leg drop from the middle rope earned Frankie a one-count as he tried for the Crossface Chickenwing. Archer countered and hit a huge chokeslam and followed it up with a Helicoaster. A Blackout moments later earned him the win.

Result: Lance Archer def. Frankie Kazarian

Grade: B+

After the match, Dan Lambert and Lance Archer called out Hangman Adam Page. The All Elite Wrestling world champion showed up and nearly delivered the Buckshot Lariat to Archer. The latter rolled out and decided to walk away.

The #AEW World Champion Hangman @theadampage and the #MurderHawkMonster @LanceHoyt are going at it! #AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Skye Blue vs Serena Deeb on AEW Dynamite

Another VICIOUS victory by @SerenaDeeb! She finishes #SkyeBlue with her brutal signature submission! #AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Serena Deeb looked to continue her ruthless run in AEW as she squared off against Skye Blue. Deeb showed off her technical prowess and delivered a shoulder tackle.

She locked in the Guillotine against the ropes and continued to punish Blue against the ropes. The former WWE star hit a swinging neckbreaker and delivered a Neutralizer. Deeb locked in the Serenity for the submission win.

Result: Serena Deeb def. Skye Blue

Grade: B

Ethan Page challenges Jon Moxley

Apparently we don't have to look any further, @officialEGO will face @JonMoxley THIS FRIDAY on #AEWRampage at 10/9c LIVE on @tntdrama! Tune in to #AEWDynamite NOW on @tbsnetwork

Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky and Dan Lambert showed up backstage to address Jon Moxley's return. Page claimed that while the rest of the locker room scattered upon the Lunatic Fringe's return, he didn't care.

He proceeded to ask Tony Khan to book him against Moxley for Rampage. Shortly after, the match was made official and Jon Moxley's first bout after his return will take place on Friday night against All Ego.

Sting and Darby Allin vs The Acclaimed on AEW Dynamite

The number 1 tag team are being taken out by #TheIcon @Sting!! #AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

The Acclaimed started the AEW Dynamite main event by brutalizing Sting and Darby Allin before the bell was rung. They wrapped a chair around Darby's neck and sent him into the ring post. Allin was deemed unable to continue as Sting tried to fight the Acclaimed on his own.

Sting shoved Anthony Bowens outside the ring and whipped him into the stairs, before inflicting the same fate on Max Caster. Back inside, the Icon delivered a Stinger Splash on Caster before Bowens removed the top turnbuckle and moved out of the way as the Vigilante went face first into the exposed turnbuckle.

Back from the final commercial, Sting locked in the Scorpion Deathlock on Caster. Bowens delivered a superkick to break up the hold before driving his Boombox into Sting's head. The Acclaimed looked to put Sting into the steel steps but Darby Allin came out of nowhere to even the odds.

He delivered a Coffin Drop on both members of the Acclaimed before hitting a Code Red on Caster for a nearfall. The former AEW TNT Champion locked in a Guillotine but Bowens got the tag and delivered a side slam before Caster hit the Mic Drop.

Sting broke up the pin attempt and made his way to the commentary booth. The WCW legend delivered a splash off the stage to drive Caster through a table. Inside the ring, Darby Allin hit the Stunner and Coffin Drop for the win.

Result: Sting and Darby Allin def. The Acclaimed

Grade: B+

Edited by Alan John
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