AEW Rampage Results: WWE legend's son debuts, Big Title match, Orange Cassidy destroyed

AEW Rampage ended with Orange Cassidy and Trent getting destroyed
AEW Rampage ended with Orange Cassidy and Trent getting destroyed

AEW Rampage featured four massive matches, including an AEW Tag Team Title match as the Lucha Brothers put their gold on the line against FTR.

Also on tonight's card, Taz's son Hook made his in-ring debut against Fuego del Sol and the second generation star impressed in his first AEW match.

We also had trios action from the women's division as well as the main event which saw Adam Cole facing Wheeler Yuta.

Read on for full AEW Rampage results:

Lucha Brothers (C) vs FTR on AEW Rampage (Tag Team Championship match)

.@CashWheelerFTR catches @PENTAELZEROM's glove and then catches a kick to the face! Watch the #AEW World Tag Team Champions the #LuchaBros defend against #FTR on #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama!

AEW Rampage kicked off with tag team action as the Lucha Brothers put the World Tag Team Championships on the line against FTR.

Rey Fenix and Dax Harwood started things off for their respective teams. FTR started the match strong but Fenix fought back for his team, hitting Dax with a hurricanrana off the top rope.

Back from the commercial break, it was FTR was double teaming on Fenix, trying to cut him off from reaching his brother. Fenix acrobatically made the tag and Penta came in and hit Dax with the Made In Japan.

Tully Blanchard got on the apron and tried to create a distraction but Fenix took him out with a right hand.

Dax caught Fenix midair and hit a Liger Bomb for a nearfall. Cash Wheeler had the AAA Tag Team Title in his hand and went to strike Fenix from ringside. But Rey caught him.

Fenix tried to forcefully take the belt from Cash and inadvertently hit Dax in the face but it wasn't enough to put him away.

Unreal counter by @CashWheelerFTR! Watch the #AEW World Tag Team Champions the #LuchaBros defend against #FTR on #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama

FTR then hit Fenix with the Big Rig but Penta acrobatically broke up the count before legally tagging himself in. The finish of the match saw Fenix and Penta hitting Cash Wilder with a double stomp-Fear Factor combo.

Result: Lucha Brothers def. FTR

Grade: A

Ruby Soho, Tay Conti and Anna Jay vs The Bunny, Penelope Ford and Nyla Rose on AEW Rampage

.@thePenelopeFord avoids a pump kick from @TayConti_ and lands one of her own. Watch #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama!

Next up on AEW Rampage was a trios match that saw Ruby Soho team up with Anna Jay and Tay Conti to take on Nyla Rose, The Bunny and Penelope Ford.

Tay Conti and The Bunny went back and forth early in the match on AEW Rampage before Anna Jay tagged in for her team. Ruby Soho came in as the babyfaces switched tags attacking The Bunny in the corner.

The Bunny fought back for her team, getting the better of Tay Conti and taking her down with a swinging neckbreaker.

Both Ruby Soho and Penelope Ford tagged in. Ruby hit a leg sweep for a two count. She tried to follow up with a backdrop, but The Bunny raked her eyes.

Nyla Rose dominated during the ad break until Anna Jay tagged in for her team. Jay went to work with repeated kicks on the former Women's Champion. Nyla Rose went for a senton drop, but there was nobody home. Jay locked in a headlock, but The Bunny intervened with a boot, breaking it up.

Ruby Soho, Tay Conti and Anna Jay vs The Bunny, Penelope Ford and Nyla Rose on AEW Rampage (continued...)

Tay Conti came in and hit The Bunny with a Tai-KO as things broke down on AEW Rampage. All six competitors were down until The Bunny got up and took the knuckle duster from Vickie Guerrero and laid out Anna Jay.

Nyla Rose took advantage and hit the Beast Bomb to pick up the win for her team.

Result: Nyla Rose, The Bunny and Penelope Ford def. Ruby Soho, Tay Conti and Anna Jay

Grade: C

Sting and Darby Allin get ambushed on AEW Rampage

“One more time, Sting!” An ambush by #FTR and Tully Blanchard blindsides @Sting and @DarbyAllin! Watch #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama

Sting and Darby Allin were backstage.on AEW Rampage with Tony Schiavone. Tony asked Sting about returing to Greensboro, NC in two weeks time for AEW's Holiday Bash. Before Sting could answer the question, FTR ambushed him and Darby.

FTR held down Sting and Tully Blanchard was getting ready to hit him with a cheap shot. Darby Allin came out of nowhere and tried to fight back. But the numbers were against the babyfaces. Cash Wheeler tossed Darby Allin into a shutter. Dax and Cash then held Sting down as Tully Blanchard took The Icon down with a low blow.

Hook vs Fuego Del Sol on AEW Rampage

And a gif of Hook for obvious reasons #AEWRampage

Hook has been sent! Taz's son made his in-ring AEW debut next against Fuego Del Sol on AEW Rampage.

It was a strong start by Hook as he hit Fuego with a Judo Throw. The luchador tried to roll Hook up but the second-generation star kicked out and hit another Judo Throw. This was followed by a high collar as fans in attendance exploded in applause and "Hook" chants started to ring around the arena.

What a debut! Looks like #TeamTaz has built another assassin in @730hook! Watch #AEWRampage on @tntdrama

Fuego del Sol hit back with a Spear to the midsection in the corner. He tried to follow it up with a Tornado DDT but Hook stopped it in midair and planted Fuego Del Sol on his face followed by repeated strikes across the jaw. Hook the locked in the Tazmission and forced Fuego Del Sol to tap out.

Result: Hook def. Fuego Del Sol

Grade: B+

Adam Cole vs Wheeler Yuta (AEW Rampage main event)

It's @AdamColePro BAY BAY! And he heads to the ring to face @WheelerYuta with an Elite army behind him in the @youngbucks, @BranCutler & @theBobbyFish. Watch the MAIN EVENT of #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama!

Despite being the underdog in this one, Wheeler Yuta started strong, going for an early rollup.

He then made the mistake of charging at Cole and ate a superkick for his troubles. Cole then mocked Orange Cassidy, hitting his trademark lazy kicks on Wheeler Yuta.

Yuta almost took advantage of Adam Cole letting his guard down but was taken down again.

Adam Cole vs Wheeler Yuta (AEW Rampage main event continued...)

.@AdamColePro tries to get under the skin of @orangecassidy. Watch the MAIN EVENT of #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama!

Adam Cole followed it up with a neckbreaker on AEW Rampage before tossing Wheeler Yuta out of the ring and at Orange Cassidy's feet. Cole and Orange Cassidy stared each other down as Chuck Taylor checked on Yuta.

When Wheeler got back in the ring, Adam Cole caught him with a low kick and went for the Panama Sunrise. Yuta countered it into a backdrop and went for a roll-up.

He followed it up with a crossbody from the top rope and a diving elbow strike. Wheeler Yuta had the momentum behind him as he headed to the top rope again. Yuta went for a Frog Splash but Adam Cole got the knees up.

Adam Cole replied with a kick to the head and hit him The Boom to pick up the win.

Result: Adam Cole def. Wheeler Yuta

Grade: B

Best Friends and Rocky Romero got in the ring after the match to check on Yuta. Bobby Fish came out from behind and pulled Trent out of the ring as The Super Elite attacked the rest of the Best Friends on AEW Rampage.

The Young Bucks then set up Orange Cassidy for what looked like a Panama Sunrise but Adam Cole ended up just hitting him with a low blow.

The Super Elite followed it up with a triple BTE Trigger to Trent to close this week's AEW Rampage.

Edited by Alan John
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