AEW Rampage Results: WWE legend calls out CM Punk; brutal main event (15th April 2022)

Rampage featured a brutal match this week.
Rampage featured a brutal match this week.
Arpit Shrivastava

This week's special edition of AEW Rampage featured plenty of notable bouts, including a Texas Death match for the AEW Championship between Hangman Page and Adam Cole.

Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta) were in trios action against Gunn Club (Billy, Austin, and Colten), while Ruby Soho competed in her first TV match in months.

Gunn Club vs. Blackpool Combat Club on AEW Rampage

Yuta and Austin Gunn started things off on AEW Rampage, with the former displaying his technical superiority. Colten Gunn was tagged in, but even he paled in front of Wheeler Yuta's creative reversals. Now, Bryan Danielson methodically wore down Colten as he locked him in the Romera Special.

Billy Gunn came face-to-face with The American Dragon, as the former finally found the opening for his team in the match. Back from the commercial break, Colten hit a picture-perfect dropkick on Danielson. However, the former WWE Champion eventually recovered and tagged in Jon Moxley.

The former AEW Champion single-handedly took down both Austin and Colten, hitting a superplex on the latter, after which he hit a double DDT on them. Yuta hit a crossbody on Billy Gunn for a close count.

The veteran performer hit a double lariat to Mox and Danielson, leaving the WWE legend and Wheeler Yuta in the ring. After a few quick reversals, Yuta rolled up Billy Gunn for the win on AEW Rampage.

A tremendous leverage pin by @WheelerYuta gets the #BlackpoolCombatClub their first win here on #AEWRampage! We are LIVE on @tntdrama right now!

Blackpool Combat Club defeated Gunn Club

Grade: B -

The Butcher vs. local competitor on AEW Rampage

The Butcher demolished his opponent in mere minutes after hitting a brutal powerbomb.

The Butcher defeated a local competitor on AEW Rampage

Grade: D

Backstage, Dustin Rhodes challenged CM Punk for a match on next week's episode of AEW Dynamite.

After 5 decades in the business, #TheNatural @dustinrhodes challenges The Best In The World @CMPunk this WEDNESDAY on #AEWDynamite! Tune in NOW to #AEWRampage LIVE on TNT!

Ruby Soho vs. Robyn Renegade on AEW Rampage

The match started with both performers sharing some quick reversals. Renegade slowly gained control of the bout as Soho struggled to fight back. During the commercial break, the former WWE star finally found an opening in the match when she hit multiple chops on her opponent, followed by a Sunset Flip.

Back to the live broadcast, Soho hit a backdrop suplex on Renegade. Moments later, Robyne Renegade switched places with her sister Charlotte Renegade, taking advantage of the distracted referee. When Soho took out Charlotte, Robyne appeared from behind to roll her up, but in vain.

And @realrubysoho advances to the #OwenHart Foundation Women's Tournament with a victory over @W18Robin! #AEWRampage is LIVE on @tntdrama right now!

In the end, Ruby Soho hit a Destination Anywhere on Robyne Renegade for the win on AEW Rampage.

Ruby Soho defeated Robyne Renegade

Grade: B -

Hangman Page (C) vs. Adam Cole - AEW World Championship

Page pulled out a bunch of chairs and threw them into the ring even before the match officially started on AEW Rampage. Both Hangman Page and Adam Cole picked up a chair before coming to blows. The action soon spilled to the outside, where Page hit a big boot on Cole, after which the AEW Champion began laying down multiple punches on his opponent.

Hangman Page next sent Adam Cole crashing into the steel steps. The two performers began fighting among the crowd, where Page smashed a water bottle on The Panama City Playboy's head. Back in the ring, The Anxious Millenial Cowboy hit a moonsault on Cole with a chair in his hand.

The former NXT Champion began bleeding at this point as Hangman Page continued to assault him at the ringside. Next, the AEW Champion set up a table, attempting to hit a suplex on it. However, Adam Cole countered with a suplex of his own on the concrete floor.

The bad blood between these two coming out with each shot! #Hangman @theadampage and @adamcolepro holding nothing back here on #AEWRampage! We are LIVE on @tntdrama right now!

Cole hit a Running Knee strike on his opponent back inside the ring. The former NXT Champion then pulled out a steel chain, which he wrapped around the top rope and hit a creative clothesline. Hangman Page hit a brutal Fireman's Carry on Cole on two chairs placed together in the ring a few moments later.

The AEW Champion followed this by hitting the Jedi but failed to capitalize on it by pinning his opponent. Hangman Page took to the top rope, from where he attempted a moonsault on Cole on the outside, but the former NXT Champion counted by hitting a superkick in mid-air.

Back in the ring, Adam Cole hit a Panama Sunrise. The two performers went to the top rope, from where Hangman Page executed a brutal-looking suplex on The Panama City Playboy. Next, Page and Cole began exchanging punches and elbow strikes, with the crowd going wild.

Just as Adam Cole picked up a chair, Hangman Page hit a Buckshot Lariat out of nowhere on his opponent. Next, the AEW Champion tied Cole's hand to the top rope and pulled a barbed wire from underneath the ring. However, Page changed his mind and instead released Cole's hand. However, the former WWE star capitalized upon this by hitting a low blow on Hangman Page.

#AndStill!!! #Hangman @theadampage retains the #AEW World Championship in this brutal Texas Deathmatch here on #AEWRampage on @tntdrama!

Adam Cole attempted a Panama Sunrise on the ring apron, but Page countered it by wrapping the barbed wire around Cole's head and hitting a Jedi. Hangman Page quickly made his way back into the ring as the referee counted to ten, with Adam Cole unable to make it to the squared circle in time.

Hangman Page defeated Adam Cole on AEW Rampage

Grade: A

This week's AEW Rampage was a one-match show, with Adam Cole and Hangman Page putting up an intense match for the fans. Apart from that, Ruby Soho and Blackpool Combat Club also continued their winnings ways.

Episode Rating: B +

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Edited by Arpit Shrivastava


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