AEW Rampage Results: Former WWE star destroyed, Chris Jericho challenges current champion

Chris Jericho will face Wheeler Yuta next week
Chris Jericho will face Wheeler Yuta next week

AEW Rampage featured a number of matches this week as well as a music video by The Acclaimed and a promo by new ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli. The main event was between JAS' Anna Jay and Ruby Soho.

Read on for full AEW Rampage results:

Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh vs. Orange Cassidy and Best Friends on AEW Rampage

#BestFriends giving the people what they want, but Jay Lethal delivering the Lethal Injection in response! #AEWRampage #FightForTheFallen is on TNT!

Trent and Jay Lethal started the match. Orange Cassidy soon tagged in and demanded that Satnam come in next. Sonjay Dutt tagged in instead. Sonjay took off his jacket and tagged in Satnam quickly.

Orange Cassidy tried to hit Satnam Singh with a dropkick but bounced off himself. Satnam then caught Orange Cassidy with a nasty chop in the corner. Both Trent and Chuck Taylor ran into the ring, but Satnam Singh took them both down with a crossbody.

Back from commercial, Trent and Chuckie T sent Satnam crashing out of the ring. Jay Lethal then hit a double Lethal Injection. Sonjay Dutt and Orange Cassidy then squared off in the middle of the ring.

Dutt was infuriated after Orange Cassidy broke his pencil and charged at the latter. Orange Cassidy caught him with the Orange Punch, and that was enough to win the match.

Result: Orange Cassidy and Best Friends def. Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh


After the match, Satnam Singh came back in and held Orange Cassidy by the head as Jay Lethal hit another Lethal Injection. AEW TNT Champion Wardlow then came out and confronted the trio.

Ethan Page vs. Leon Ruffin on AEW Rampage

Ethan Page not wasting any time and getting that swift victory here on #AEWRampage #FightForTheFallen - tune in to TNT right now!

Ethan Page was in action next against former NXT North American Champion Leon Ruffin.

Ruffin charged at Ethan Page to try and take the fight to him. Page caught him in midair and tossed him into the mat before inflicting more punishment in the corner.

Ethan Page then hit Leon Ruffin with the Ego's Edge, and that was enough to pick up another impressive win.

Result: Ethan Page def. Leon Ruffin


Lee Moriarty vs. Matt Sydal on AEW Rampage

Lee Moriarty took on his mentor Matt Sydal up next. Sydal was unhappy last week with how Moriarty won his match against Martin last week. Moriarty didn't hold back, catching Sydal with a headbutt before continuing with a series of strikes.

Sydal hit back with strikes of his own followed by a standing moonsault. The match spilled out of the ring during the ad break. Moriarty tossed Sydal into the barricade and hit him with a running boot.

Back from the break, Sydal caught his protege with a roundhouse kick. Moriarty hit back with a lariat. He followed it up by planting Sydal face-first into the mat for a two-count. Moriarty quickly locked in the Border City Stretch, and that was enough to pick up the win.

Result: Lee Moriarty def. Matt Sydal


Stokely Hathaway came down to the ring just as Moriarty was finishing Sydal off. He entered the ring after the match and offered Moriarty a card, an offer that was accepted.

Chris Jericho interrupts Blackpool Combat Club's celebration on AEW Rampage

Just the beginning for the NEW #ROH World Champ @ClaudioCSRO! @IAmJericho puts his Title shot vs AEW Interim World Champ @JonMoxley at #QuakeByTheLake on the line against #BCC’s @WheelerYuta this WED on #AEWDynamite! If Yuta wins, he gets the Title Shot against Mox! #AEWRampage

Claudio Castagnoli and William Regal came down to the ring next. The new ROH World Champion got a massive ovation from the fans. He thanked the fans for their support before inviting Wheeler Yuta down to the ring.


Chris Jericho wasn't happy and interrupted the celebration. Wheeler Yuta said that he could easily beat Chris Jericho in a match and Claudio and William Regal agreed.

Jericho was incensed, and he challenged Yuta to a match, which the latter declined. He then agreed to put his title shot at Quake At The Lake on the line in a match against Yuta next week.

The Acclaimed debuted their new music video on AEW Rampage

Yo! Listen! #TheAcclaimed (@PlatinumMax/@Bowens_Official) plan on taking out the trash in a Dumpster Match against the #GunnClub (@theaustingunn/@coltengunn) this WEDNESDAY on #AEWDynamite!#AEWRampage #FightForTheFallen is on TNT!

The Acclaimed debuted their new music video up next on AEW Rampage. The duo challenged Gunn Club to a dumpster match next week on AEW Dynamite.

Ruby Soho vs. Anna Jay main-evented AEW Rampage

The main event of AEW Rampage saw JAS' Anna Jay take on Ruby Soho, who still had a brace on her injured arm. Anna Jay was all over Ruby Soho in the opening stages of the match. Jay was aggressive and went straight for Ruby Soho. She got repeated strikes in and took Soho down with a superkick.

Ruby Soho hit back with a suplex but was already clutching her arm. Anna Jay went right for the arm again and locked in the Queenslayer. Ruby Soho managed to break free and hit the No Future. Anna Jay kicked out at the last second.

Ruby Soho headed to the top rope but missed her senton. Anna Jay immediately locked in the Queenslayer followed by chops across the neck. She then took Ruby Soho's cast and locked in the Queenslayer for the win.

Result: Anna Jay def. Ruby Soho


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