AEW Rampage Results: Popular star speaks for the first time, Former WWE star challenges for major title (April 22, 2022)

Rampage was an entertaining show this week as well
Rampage was an entertaining show this week as well
Arpit Shrivastava

This week's AEW Rampage featured plenty of matches that fans were eagerly looking forward to watching.

The highlight of the show, featured NJPW legend Tomohiro returning to AEW for a dream match against Adam Cole. Apart from that, TBS Champion Jade Cargill put her title on the line against Marina Shafir.

Adam Cole vs.Tomohiro Ishii on AEW Rampage

The Panama City Playboy rolled out of the ring moments after the match on AEW Rampage started to recover from a quick-fire attack by the NJPW veteran. Ishii hit a brutal chop on Adam Cole back in the ring, taking him down. The action again spilled to the outside, where Tomohiro Ishii continued hitting chops on Cole.

The former NXT Champion soon took advantage of Ishii accidentally hitting his hand on the ring post. Adam Cole locked his opponent in a chin lock, with fans rallying behind Tomohiro Ishii.

The NJPW legend completely no-sold Cole's punches and took him down with a Power Slam. Ishii then attempted a powerbomb on Cole, but Adam Cole countered and hit a backbreaker.

And now @adamcolepro levels #TomohiroIshii! Watch #AEWRampage on @tntdrama right now!

Back from the commercial break, Ishii and Cole were on the top rope, from where the former executed an incredible Superplex. Tomohiro Ishii next hit a Sliding Lariat for a close pinfall. Adam Cole made his way back into the bout by hitting a backbreaker for a two-count.

Ishii and Cole began exchanging kicks and punches, with both men eventually falling on the mat. A fired-up Tomohiro Ishii hit a brutal Lariat again, turning Cole inside out.

Just then, Jay White interfered and took out Rocky Romero, which was enough to distract Tomohiro Ishii. This allowed Adam Cole to hit a low blow and then the Boom on his opponent for the win.

A massive assist by @JayWhiteNZ, and @adamcolepro advances into the #OwenHart Foundation Tournament! Watch #AEWRampage on @tntdrama right now!

Adam Cole defeated Tomohiro Ishii on AEW Rampage

Grade: A -

Backstage, the Jericho Appreciation Society argued with the security to let them into the arena for Daniel Garcia's match against Eddie Kingston.

Hook was being interviewed backstage when Danhausen interfered. The Team Taz member then came close to Danhausen, saying he finally had his attention, seemingly accepting his challenge for a match.

After @730hook's big win & #AEWDynamite debut this week, @DanhausenAD gets what he asked for… #HOOK SPEAKS. Tune in NOW to #AEWRampage on TNT!

Serpentico vs. Lance Archer on AEW Rampage

Serpentico attempted a Top Rope Suiciida even before the match started on AEW Rampage, but Archer quickly took him down.

Inside the ring, The Murderhawk Monster hit the Blackout for the win in a quick match.

Perhaps that wasn't a very smart opening move by @KINGSERPENTICO against @LanceHoyt! It’s #AEWRampage on @tntdrama!

Lance Archer defeated Serpentico

Grade: C

However, Archer wasn't done here as he hit two Chokeslams on Serpentico.

Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia on AEW Rampage

The Mad King quickly unleashed a series of chops on Garcia in this match on AEW Rampage. The action spilled to the outside, where Eddie Kingston continued to maltreat his opponent, sending him crashing into the steel steps.

However, Daniel Garcia found an opening after Kingston accidentally hit his leg on the steel steps. The JAS member began targeting Kingston's ribs back in the ring.

Both performers exchanged elbow shots. Garcia bit The Mad King's head, after which it was Kingston's turn to bite his opponent's head.

Exploder by @MadKing1981 but @GarciaWrestling kicks out! Watch #AEWRampage on @tntdrama right now!

On the outside, Garcia sent Kingston's shoulder crashing into the ring post, further weakening it. Back from the commercial break, Garcia and Kingston were exchanging brutal chops on their exposed chests. The JAS member then hit a suplex on The Mad King and stomped his chest repeatedly.

Garcia locked in the Boston Crab, soon turning it into a Sharp Shooter, though Eddie Kingston managed to reach the ropes. Kingston poked in Garcia's eyes, allowing the former to hit an Enzuiguri and a kick for a close count. Next, The Mad King hit the Spinning Back Fist for the win.

Eddie Kingston defeated Daniel Garcia on AEW Rampage

Grade: A -

#EddieKingston @Madking1981 sends a strong message to the leader of the #JerichoAppreciationSociety, @IAmJericho! Tune in to #AEWRampage on @tntdrama right now!

Post-match, The Mad King brought out a belt, wanting to hit Daniel Garcia. However, he came down to the JAS member, asking him to convey to Chris Jericho that he will save the whipping for The Influencer him.

Backstage, Keith Lee expressed his disappointment over Taz's interference during his and Swerve Strickland's match against Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs on last week's AEW Dynamite. Strickland said they weren't finished with Team Taz, seemingly hinting at a rematch.

Team DMD doesn’t even seem to be on Toni Storm’s radar as #OwenHart Women’s Tournament Qualifiers @RealBrittBaker, @jmehytr & #ToniStorm fight for the top spot. Tune in NOW to #AEWRampage on TNT!

Backstage, Tony Schiavone was interviewing Britt Baker, Toni Storm, and Jamie Hayter, all three have qualified for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Storm took potshots at Baker's AEW Women's Championship reign and put Hayter on notice ahead of their match.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (C) vs. Marina Shafir on AEW Rampage

The match on AEW Rampage began with Marina Shafir and Jade Cargill exchanging some quick reversals, with the TBS Champion having the upper hand. On the outside, Red Velvet, who was present in the crowd as part of the Baddie Section, attacked Marina Shafir, while Mark Sterling distracted the referee inside the ring.

#TheProblem @MarinaShafir fights back with a judo throw and a brutal kick to the spine of the champ! Watch #AEWRampage on @tntdrama right now!

Back inside the ring, Jade Cargill continued to dominate the proceedings, hitting a stunning Power Slam for a close count. Even during the commercial break, it was all Cargill, as she methodically wore down her opponent.

Back from the break, Shafir finally found an opening in the match as she targeted Cargill's knee.

The former MMA star locked in the Kneebar on Cargill, but the latter quickly reached the rope. Next, Marina Shafir smashed the TBS Champions' knee into the ring post and took Mark Sterling down with a Judo Throw.

Capitalizing on a momentary distraction by the Baddie Section, Jade Cargill kicked Shafir and then hit a Chokeslam, sending her crashing into the timekeeper's table.

30-0! The TBS Champion @Jade_Cargill retains her title and her perfect record here at #AEWRampage on @tntdrama!

Back inside the ring, Marina Shafir locked in the Ankle Lock on Jade Cargill, but the latter managed to break out of it by repeatedly kicking Shafir. Following this, the TBS Champion finally hit the Jaded for the win.

Jade Cargill defeated Marina Shafir

Grade: B +

This week's AEW Rampage was another fun hour of wrestling, with as many as three matches impressing fans. The standout bout was the opening clash between Adam Cole and Tomohiro Ishii, where the former triumphed.

Episode Rating: B+

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Edited by Arpit Shrivastava


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