"He’s somebody who I’ve studied for years" - AEW star says Bryan Danielson is his favorite wrestler of all time

Bryan Danielson has been at the top of the game since signing with AEW
Bryan Danielson has been at the top of the game since signing with AEW

AEW star Daniel Garcia recently revealed that Bryan Danielson is his favorite wrestler of all time.

Garcia appeared on the recent edition of Jon Alba's One on One podcast. During the interview, Garcia opened up about his admiration for fellow AEW star Bryan Danielson.

Daniel Garcia said that Bryan Danielson was someone he had studied for years, adding that while he didn't think their wrestling styles were too similar, they did do some little things inside the ring that made them look identical.

"He’s maybe my favorite wrestler of all-time. At least top three. He’s somebody who I’ve studied for years, even before I knew that I was studying wrestling, just by watching him. I would pick up little nuances that he does. I feel like our wrestling styles aren’t as similar as some people like to say they are, but I feel like our, the little things that we do, are a lot more similar than a lot of people would like to notice," said Garcia.
I told myself that I didn’t want to sign somewhere just to say I got a contract. I wanted to go somewhere that would help me become the best wrestler in the world. I know AEW is where I can become that. I plan on being a major player in this company for a very long time.…

AEW's Daniel Garcia on what kind of wrestling he enjoys and basing his character on that

Daniel Garcia also gave an insight growing up as a wrestling fan, saying that he always wanted to be a "fundamental, simple professional wrestler," adding that he had always been a fan of submission finishers. The AEW star further revealed that he had always wanted to be the kind of wrestler who grinds down their opponents.

Garcia discussed what type of wrestling he was drawn to and how he wanted his character to be different from the wrestlers he saw on TV growing up.

"I like seeing people struggle, I like seeing people show emotions of pain and fighting through adversity. And that’s my favorite thing to see in professional wrestling. I feel like you see a lot of technical wrestlers and a lot of meat and potato wrestlers on TV when you grow up, and they’re all presented in a very specific way. And they’re all kind of portrayed the same. And I wanted to portray that in a different way. In a more way that’s personable to a wider audience, and something that’s not so robotic. Something that feels very real, and just happens to be a technical wrestler," said Garcia (H/T: eWrestlingNews)

Daniel Garcia recently signed a full-time deal with AEW, and the future looks bright for him. He's already faced several top AEW stars, including CM Punk, Jon Moxley, and Darby Allin.

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