"Challenge for the WWE or Universal Championship" - Twitter urges Triple H to book dream match between top AEW star and Roman Reigns

Which AEW star does Twitter want to see face Roman Reigns?
Which AEW star does Twitter want to see face Roman Reigns?

Fans on Twitter think that a current AEW star would be the perfect dream match for the "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns.

The Head of The Table is set to take on Logan Paul this weekend at the Crown Jewel premium live event in Saudi Arabia. If Reigns retains his title this weekend, he will head into next week's edition of Smackdown having held the WWE Universal Championship for over 800 days.

However, one person who has been the subject of much debate on social media recently is the current ROH Television Champion Samoa Joe.

The Twitter account @JustTalkWrestle asked whether Joe should have won the top prize in WWE during his time with the company:

Should Samoa Joe have won the WWE/Universal Championship?When would have been the best time?

This has caused Twitter to flare up with opinions on whether or not Joe should have been champion in WWE, with the response being an overwhelming yes:

Should be 3x champion. Against Roman, Brock and AJ Styles he had all the momentum.…
@JustTalkWrestle I'll always say 💯 yes! Joe should have been world champ. Idk if his inconsistencies for staying healthy was a factor while he was on the main roster.
@JustTalkWrestle Against Brock, he was so over at that time and the match was hot as hell
@JustTalkWrestle Alot of people should have been utilized alot more but Vince had zero clue how to use them as he refused to evolve his mind set about wrestling
@JustTalkWrestle When he was stalking AJ Styles' family
@JustTalkWrestle Should have beaten Brock Lesnar for the Championship at Great Balls of Fire. Strowman should have won it at No Mercy. Have them trade the title back and forward until the Rumble where Lesnar steals it. Strowman goes into the Rumble, wins big time and Lesnar vs Strowman at Mania
@JustTalkWrestle Here's my take; if Jinder Mahal could've defeated Randy Orton, then Samoa Joe could've defeated Brock Lesnar.
@JustTalkWrestle Against Brock.Would have given Brock a big physical dude who would be seen as a legit threat to have a great series against.One of the few guys who could believably put Brock in peril.Plus ya know......
@JustTalkWrestle Yep. Should have beaten Brock. Should have beaten AJ for the WWE title, too. They had 3 matches that I believe were all won by AJ. Didn't help Joe at all.
@JustTalkWrestle Either the AJ or Brock feud, imagine him coming down to the ring with the belt round his waist or neck, towel round his neck, crowd chanting 'Joe Joe Joe' man would've been fire.
@JustTalkWrestle Of course he should’ve been world champion in WWE. Even for a guy his size he’s an outstanding interim performer and he’s superb on the mic. The fact that Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion and he never did it’s just beyond me.

However, not all fans agreed, as Joe's injury record has always held him back:

@JustTalkWrestle He’s injury prone. He wouldn’t last a title reign

Other fans would love to see Joe return to WWE and possibly take on Reigns by winning the Royal Rumble:

I would love to see @SamoaJoe returning to WWE and challenge for the WWE or Universal Championship, if that’s possible! Roman Reigns is current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion! It’s up to Samoa Joe and Triple H! How about Samoa Joe might return at Royal Rumble?…

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Samoa Joe has beaten Roman Reigns in the past

The idea of the current ROH Television Champion defeating the "Tribal Chief" isn't too far out of the realm of possibility. Samoa Joe has defeated Roman Reigns multiple times in the past.

Samoa Joe BEATS Roman Reigns! Believe THAT! #RAW

During Joe's first six months on the main roster in 2017, Reigns could not beat the former NXT Champion in any capacity. Joe picked up two singles victories in February and June 2017.

It wasn't until July 31st, 2017, that Reigns was able to pick up a victory over the Samoan Submission Machine. That happened in a triple threat match which also featured Braun Strowman.

Do you think Samoa Joe could beat Roman Reigns in 2022? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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