"This was so self-indulgent" - Wrestling veteran questions Chris Jericho's intentions with his most recent AEW stable

Jericho, making his way down the AEW Dynamite stage ramp.
Jericho, making his way down the AEW Dynamite stage ramp.

Chris Jericho has already led two factions within AEW, where he was front and center. With his recent stable even bearing his own name and going the extra mile to match outfits, wrestling veteran Jim Cornette has shared how he wonders what the true intent of the faction is.

Chris Jericho first formed The Inner Circle shortly into his AEW run and quickly established himself as a main event star yet again. Unfortunately for Santana and Ortiz, the two were cut off and betrayed, which resulted in the 51-year-old forming the Jericho Appreciation Society.

During the most recent Jim Cornette Drive Experience, the former wrestling veteran questioned the presentation of the Jericho Appreciation Society.

"Who’s got the – not only the wardrobe budget but who makes this s**t? They just said ‘we’re all gonna wear purple and some poor seamstress somewhere has to whip all this stuff up? From the start, Cool Hand [Ang] imitated Roman Reigns, you know, ‘appreciate us’ so we remind everybody that we’re the secondary program where the big stars [are] on the other channel," Cornette said. [00:21 onward]
The #JerichoAppreciationSociety are here to celebrate The Ocho, the new #ROH World Champion @IAmJericho! Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork!

Cornette continued, questioning the faction's point and why it seems to glorify Chris Jericho.

"Here supposedly is one of the top heels and his group of Stooges and the crowd’s chanting ‘we want pizza’? And then they let Anna Jay talk, and she’s trying to sound like Vickie Guerrero. (…) This was so self-indulgent that he’s got a group of uninteresting stooge jack-offs dressing like him, and the Sports Entertainer versus Pro-Wrestler thing? My God…can we move on?" [02:12 onward]

Despite Jim Cornette's remarks and criticisms, Chris Jericho has previously gone on record about the true intentions behind forming not only The Jericho Appreciation Society but also The Inner Circle.

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Cornette believes that Chris Jericho has an important responsibility toward AEW at this stage

Chris Jericho is likely one of the most recognized stars in AEW at the moment, along with Jon Moxley and CM Punk. While the promotion definitely has a number of talented stars, only these three names are universally recognized. While Moxley is the World Champion, Jericho has simply had a longer career and appeared on more stages worldwide.

During the same podcast, Cornette pointed out that Chris Jericho is vital to AEW and hopes that the legend realizes that.

"It’s down to like three names that people have heard of. He’s important! I just wish he’d step up and act like it, instead of his g****mn Monday Night Raw, Sports Entertainer-reject bulls**t." [07:14 onward]
Everyone’s praising Bandido after last night and rightly so, but we’ve also gotta acknowledge how Chris Jericho has had nonstop bangers in 2022 including the match last night. 52 next month and still killing it 🐐

As the ROH World Champion, the former Y2J is now in the rare position of elevating the promotion and possibly being the driving force behind a television deal. Can Jericho now capitalize on his status and achieve even more at 51-years-old?

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