Has MJF moved on from ex-fiancé? Identity of woman who AEW champion kissed on Dynamite disclosed 

MJF during his re-bar mitzvah and birthday celebration on AEW Dynamite
MJF during his birthday celebration on AEW Dynamite

This week's edition of AEW Dynamite featured quite the celebration for MJF. He kickstarted the show with a Re-Bar Mitzvah and his 27th birthday party. The occasion was marked with much enthusiasm as the AEW World Champion made his way to the ring accompanied by four women.

The 27-year-old is known for his over-the-top commemorations of numerous events. Before MJF's match with CM Punk last year, he was carried to the ring on a throne. He proceeded to receive kisses from a few friends who kept him company.

His then-girlfriend Naomi Rosenblum also appeared, with the two sharing a kiss on-screen. In September last year, the current champion announced that he and Naomi were engaged. However, there seemed to be trouble in paradise when, during his fiery promo against Bryan Danielson last month, MJF claimed that he was distraught, given that his fiancé had left him.

At the commencement of his Re-Bar Mitzvah, the young AEW star received a kiss on the cheek from three of the four women before sharing a passionate kiss with the last. While not many were aware of who the woman was, she was later reported to be 31-year-old Canadian model and wrestler Seleziya Sparx.

She shared a story on Instagram tagging the other women at the event, citing how everyone around them was asking how they landed their roles in the promotion. However, whether the two are dating in real life or the moment shared on-screen was just in kayfabe remains unclear.

A fitting entrance for #AEW World Champion @The_MJF; Happy Birthday to the Champ!Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

The celebration was later crashed by the 'pillars' of AEW, Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin. All three stars took shots at the champion and claimed their rights to his title. Thus, seemingly laying the foundation for the next AEW World Championship feud.

MJF's mother has never shied away from blasting him online and at shows

MJF has remained in character on and off screen, making it difficult for fans to decipher the true nature of his personality. Over the years, his mother, Nina Friedman, has also mocked and called him out during his many feuds on social media and with expletive posters at events.

A couple of years ago, the AEW star forgot to wish her for Mother's Day, and on the week's edition of Dynamite, she attended the event with her husband holding a placard calling MJF an 'a**hole.'

"This a****le" forgot to wish me a happy mothers day."
Probably NOT gonna make the cover of Parents Magazine but see you at Arthur Ashe tonight! #AEWDyanmite @The_MJF @thepagelking @AEW

The self-proclaimed Devil defended his title against Bryan Danielson in a 60-minute Iron Man Match at Revolution. The hellacious bout continued beyond the original duration and garnered much acclaim from the wrestling fraternity.

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