"I’m so sorry" - DX member issues an apology for taking over WWE legend's job

DX is one of the most iconic factions in WWE
DX is one of the most iconic factions in WWE

Triple H's ascension to power in WWE was accompanied by a number of changes to the staff and roster. In one of the more prominent adjustments, Road Dogg moved in to replace Jeff Jarrett as the manager of live events. The DX member recently apologized to Jarrett for the switch.

Jeff Jarrett had joined the Stamford-based company last year. However, he was surprisingly released from his post mere months later, after which he decided to make the switch to AEW.

After Triple H became the CCO of WWE, Road Dogg reunited with his former stablemate to manage live events. Speaking on a recent episode of the Oh... You Didn’t Know podcast. The New Age Outlaw addressed the matter jovially, while apologizing to Jeff Jarrett.

“Look, you can be doing your job, and one day someone not like it, and the next day you’re not there... [Laughs] Bless his heart, I’m so sorry. It hurts me when you say that. But I bet it hurts him a hell of a lot more. [Laughs] I’m so sorry Jeff.” (H/T: SeScoops)
Road Dogg is being rehired by WWE to take the place of Jeff Jarrett as Vice President of Live Events. Exactly what we talked about last night. Out with the old (Vince), in with the Triple H (TakeOver)Also Ryan Katz who was HUGE for NXT Black & Gold is rumored to be.back as well

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Dutch Mantell believes Triple H was responsible for Jeff Jarrett being released from WWE

While Road Dogg has apologized to Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell believes the story has more to it than meets the eye.

In a recent episode of Storytime with Dutch Mantell, the veteran stated his theory on what may have happened while speculating that Jarrett dislikes Triple H.

"I don't think they like each other very much... I think Triple H may have been the one to kinda sponsor the ousting of Jeff from WWE because Jeff was in charge of their live events. (...) But at the time Road Dogg, who is Triple H's buddy, he needed a job. So I think Jeff blames Triple H for going in... saying 'we need to put Road Dogg in Jeff's spot, we need to release Jeff.' That's what I said from the beginning because then Jeff got released, and Road Dogg moved right in. Coincidence, some might say?" (2:22 - 4:19)

Jeff Jarrett is also performing in-ring alongside his backstage duties in AEW. It remains to be seen what is next for him in the coming weeks.

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