Is Jeff Hardy still with AEW?

Will The Charismatic Enigma ever return to AEW?
Is the Charismatic Enigma still with AEW?

Jeff Hardy was arrested back in June 2022 for driving without a license and a felony DUI, which put his professional future in jeopardy.

Despite this, Hardy is officially suspended without pay, and is still technically signed to AEW.

The Charismatic Enigma has had quite the career in pro wrestling and according to many, is one of the best wrestlers alive. Unfortunately, Jeff Hardy's personal demons have always hounded him, resulting in last year's incident that could very well spell the end of his wrestling career.

According to PW Insider, Jeff Hardy will undergo another pre-trial hearing on February 23rd, in Florida. The hearing has been listed as a "case management conference" and Hardy will appear in front of the court in person.

Unfortunately, fans will still have to wait in order to find out whether Hardy will be able to dodge a prison sentence and regain control of his life in order to return to AEW before retiring from wrestling.

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Jim Cornette believes that Jeff Hardy being fired would be the best outcome

Fans are ready to see The Charismatic Enigma make a triumphant return to AEW, especially after his initial bouts in the promotion. But could the star waltz back in after putting his legal troubles behind him?

During an episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the veteran speculated that Jeff Hardy might just be better off mentally if he doesn't return to pro wrestling.

“We don’t know what his current contractual situation is, but with all this that’s gone on, did Tony just say you know maybe this isn’t working out? Who knows.
I don’t know that it’s worth it business-wise, I mean my God, who else have they got that can even get the interest that Jeff can get but is it best for Jeff?” (01:02 onward).

Hardy's future will look a lot clearer after the hearing, and here's hoping things work out for the wrestling legend.

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