Jim Cornette blasts AEW for exposing "their own business" with recent segment on Dynamite

Jim Cornette is once again angry with AEW
Jim Cornette is once again angry with AEW

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette is seemingly outraged by a set of AEW performers for "exposing the business" that the tennis racket enthusiast is so desperate to protect.

The act in question is the current AEW Trios Champions, the House of Black, appearing on the most recent edition of Dynamite to confront The Elite and the Jericho Appreciation Society.

The Elite and the JAS were arguing over who should be the next challengers for the trios gold, when the House of Black appeared on the big screen to tell the two teams that if they wanted the gold, they should come and get them.

House of Black, coolest bunch in the game.

The House of Black seemingly teleported from a dark room somewhere in the building to the entrance ramp to confront the two challenging teams. This was something that didn't sit well with Jim Cornette, who made his feelings very clear on his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience.

“They exposed their own business! I don’t think anybody believes that they legitimately teleported themselves from that dark room, through space, to that spot in 10 seconds. So they pre-taped the dark room where they were reacting to s**t that wasn’t happening because it hadn’t happened yet. Just to do a cool spot that a bunch of people WHO DO NOT HAVE FEMALE LIPS AROUND THEIR D**KS ON A REGULAR BASIS, would applaud for.” [4:32-5:10]

Cornette went on to comment on the upcoming match between the three teams, stating that AEW president Tony Khan is an 'imbecile' for potentially booking a hot story the wrong way around.

“Here’s the problem. It might be interesting when there’s three of [Chris] Jericho’s guys and there’s three of the House of Black and there’s three of [The Elite], so now that we know that they all have a common goal of the six-man tag team titles, then yeah if they got into a program, it might be interesting."

He added:

"But now they’re going to have the three-way match next week, so they’re either doing a seven day program, or they’re doing, as Tony [Khan] usually does, the program in reverse order and have the blow-off match first to where each succeeding match will have less interest than the previous one did, which is Tony’s normal pattern. If you’re going to have these teams mad at each other and work towards each other, don’t do the three-way as the first f**king match. You’re an imbecile.” [7:16 - 8:19]

The three-way match for the AEW World Trios Championships will take place this week on Dynamite

The upcoming match between the Jericho Appreciation Society, The Elite, and the House of Black will take place on the March 15 edition of AEW Dynamite.

It will be the House of Black's first title defense since defeating Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks at Revolution, with The Elite hoping to reclaim the belts and become three-time trios champions.

Next week on #AEWDynamite:- The House of Black defends the #AEW Trios Championship against The Elite & JAS.- Orange Cassidy vs Jeff Jarrett for the AEW International Championship.

However, the fans in attendance may play a factor in the match, as the match will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the hometown of both Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. Adding on to the fact that Winnipeg is also Don Callis' hometown, the champions might be seriously outnumbered this Wednesday.

Who will leave AEW Dynamite as the Trios Champions? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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