Jim Cornette hopes WWE doesn't send a top AEW star to NXT if they sign him

Should Triple H take Jim Cornette
Should Triple H take Jim Cornette's advice?

WWE currently seems to have the upper hand over AEW in the figurative war between the two promotions. And while MJF has threatened to jump over, Jim Cornette doesn't think sending him to NXT first would do him justice.

Dragon Lee recently made his debut in the promotion on a dark show, and many fans have been up in arms. Additionally, the star will be on NXT before going over to WWE's main roster, and some believe that MJF could follow this example if he dared to go over to the promotion.

During the latest episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, the veteran noted that if WWE signed Friedman, they'd have a rare chance to feature a world champion from their biggest competitor.

"You don't wanna play the game with MJF but they couldn't sign him right now, he's the champion under contract. Whether next year or 2024, he's still under 30 and I certainly would hope they wouldn't send him to NXT! You've got the chance to have a guy that's been the world champion from the other company." (32:32 onward)

WCW veteran Konnan claimed that Triple H might be able to handle MJF better than Tony Khan has, after criticizing the world champion's recent booking.

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Jim Cornette believes that no other star below 30 in AEW would be able to thrive in WWE

Many fans have clamored for former WWE Superstars to return to the promotion with Triple H leading the helm. Other than Cody Rhodes, no star has stepped forward. But according to Jim Cornette, nobody else on the roster will be able to transition smoothly.

Cornette continued, noting how many of the young stars on the AEW roster would need to undergo training before jumping to WWE's Main Roster.

"Anybody under 30 in AEW, with the exception of MJF, would need - it would be a disservice not to send them to NXT because they've got varying degrees of training but they would certainly have to learn how a professional organization is booked if nothing else." (33:29 onward)

Who could be the next star to follow Cody Rhodes into AEW's biggest competitor? Many believe it could rightfully be MJF, but could the focus be on the wrong person? Only time will tell.

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