Major speculation on potential legal action against AEW star CM Punk following the 'Brawl Out' incident

CM Punk at AEW Double or Nothing 2022
CM Punk at AEW Double or Nothing 2022

Former AEW World Champion CM Punk is still deep in the trenches of the "Brawl Out" incident, with speculation of potential legal action still lingering around him.

Punk has been gone from AEW for almost two months at the time of writing. He is the final party involved in the incident who is yet to find out their fate. Ace Steel was let go by the company and the other suspended parties are being eased back onto TV.

Due to the complexity of the investigation, it is also unlikely that fans will ever know the severity of what happened after All Out. AEW is keen to put less focus on the backstage drama and more focus on the in-ring product.

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke at length about "Brawl Out". The wrestling journalist gave insight into how legal action is the main reason why AEW will most likely never talk about what happened.

“I mean, we haven’t even heard, AEW never announced that Ace Steel was gone. They never announced any of the suspensions. They never said anything and they will never say anything on this because of potential legal action, or whatever the reason is, but there’s subjects Tony Khan doesn’t talk about, and this for sure is gonna be one of them.” (H/T - Inside the Ropes)

Meltzer also commented on whether there will be any legal action taken by either CM Punk or The Elite. While there hasn't been any movement yet, that doesn't mean both parties will remain silent forever.

“As far as I know, there isn’t, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be. I suppose it’s possible on the other side too, but I have not heard that. I mean, the key to this is so much of the stuff has not come out and I don’t know that it ever will, but I know that there’s certain things that people want to come out that haven’t come out because everyone is essentially banned from talking about it that is involved.” (H/T Inside the Ropes).
Lots of talk of the AEW All Out Brawl Investigation being over. However, Dave Meltzer is not expecting Tony Khan to ever address it with the public. I hope that's not the case. If CM Punk is gone or if he's staying, the audience should know about it. Full transparency.

CM Punk might not come back to AEW at all

With the threat of legal action looming over the "Straight Edge Superstar," many have wondered if there is any way back into AEW for CM Punk. The former WWE Superstar had an incredibly successful time in the company before All Out.

Dave Meltzer also spoke about this on Wrestling Observer Radio, as he speculated that Punk will probably not return to the company. However, he stated that it may be best for everyone involved for the parties to go their separate ways.

“The last I heard was a week ago and at that moment, he was negotiating something, but where that transpires, I mean, there was no deal or anything like that. I don’t expect him back because he’s injured, which I always thought was kind of a blessing in disguise." (H/T Inside the Ropes).
WON: Chris Jericho and many others, if not most of the key top names in AEW were saying that they wouldn’t work with CM Punk.One top star noted, “Punk won’t be back. His value on screen isn’t one percent worth the hassle and black cloud he causes backstage.”

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