"A cancer to television" - Wrestling world furious over Tony Khan's decision for blockbuster title match

Tony Khan
Tony Khan is the President of AEW and Ring of Honor

Being the President and the Head of Creative for AEW, Tony Khan has the final call in all feuds, storylines, and matches on the shows. On last night's episode of Rampage, a match for the upcoming ROH pay-per-view Final Battle was announced. The match was for the promotion's World Title between the champion Chris Jericho and Claudio Castagnoli and fans are not thrilled about the match.

The rivalry between The Jericho Appreciation Society and the Blackpool Combat Club has been going on for months. The two began their feud early May and have been butting heads even today. They have competed in an Anarchy in an Arena match, Blood & Guts match, and a plethora of singles and tag team matches but their rivalry has only heated up.

Chris Jericho defeated Blackpool Combat Club's Claudio Castagnoli to win the ROH World Title. Since then, The Ocho has targeted and successfully defeated former ROH Champions, including Bryan Danielson.

Last night on AEW Rampage, Claudio Castagnoli challenged Jericho to a title match at the Ring of Honor Final Battle, and Jericho agreed under one condition. If Claudio loses the match, then he will align himself with The Jericho Appreciation Society.

.@ClaudioCSRO gets another shot at the #ROH World Championship! But if he loses, there WILL be HUGE implications!Watch #AEWRampage: Black Friday on TNT!

Upon hearing this stipulation, fans were furious with Tony Khan for booking several factions into the same type of storyline. One example would be Matt Hardy joining Andrade's faction.

@WrestlingCovers Why does every match have to have a stupid stipulation? Just have a match. TK tries to get to cute with simple stories
@WrestlingCovers Can we stop with the "If I win, you join your enemy faction" stipulation??You had Hardy doing this exact thing less than a month ago, just let the two wrestle for the title.

People were unhappy that the rivalry between the two factions was still ongoing and felt that more than Tony Khan, Chris Jericho was the one to blame.

@WrestlingCovers Jericho is a cancer to television
@WrestlingCovers Oh dear God, Claudio is going to join the JAS
@WrestlingCovers We will never be rid of BCC vs JAS.
@WrestlingCovers What a waste of Claudio stuck in a feud for a midcard title with a washed up guy pushing 60.
@WrestlingCovers Hopefully it is a the final battle between bcc vs JAS
@WrestlingCovers To this day, I wish MJF won this match. I’m tired of Jericho
@WrestlingCovers So is JAS trying to become AEW’s version of the nWo cause they already have way too many members and I will be ticked off is Claudio loses it’s too corny Jericho having that big of a group it’s not right

Some were worried that this could be the end of The Blackpool Combat Club.

Me after seeing the ROH Title match stipulation, realizing that there’s no way they’ll book Claudio to beat Jericho, and he’ll have to join JAS, which, after what Regal did, will basically end BCC, which means Jericho will have won and we’ll have done this whole feud for NOTHING
@WrestlingCovers Bro BCC is falling apart even more if Claudio loses this

A few hoped that Claudio would win the title back and thus will put an end to the feud and ensure The Blackpool Combat Club will stay together.

@WrestlingCovers Thought it would be Bryan. Hope Claudio wins. Dont want the BCC to implode already.
@WrestlingCovers if it's the main event, Claudio's winning the belt back for that happy ending

Blackpool Combat Club's William Regal betrayed Jon Moxley and helped MJF win the top title in Tony Khan led promotion

This past Saturday night was the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view. The main event of the event was for the promotion's world title match between Jon Moxley and MJF.

MJF claimed that he wanted to win the match clean to prove that he earned and deserves the title. That is what it seemed like was happening, despite not having the upper hand for most of the match, as Friedman managed to overcome the urge to cheat and win the match. But it was all a ploy to work the crowd as William Regal handed him the brass knuckles helping The Devil win the title.

Wait, what just happened?Watch #AEWFullGear LIVE on PPV right now🔗…

On this past week's episode of Dynamite, Regal mentioned that this was a long-term plan but will let MJF reveal the details when he arrives. Moxley confronted Regal and asked him to leave and to never return to Tony Khan's promotion.

Do you think William Regal will return next week or is he done with AEW? Let us know in the comments section below.

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