"A mess at the beginning" โ€“ Wrestling veteran points out his major issue with AEW's recent unique match featuring Jon Moxley and top stars (Exclusive)

Jon Moxley is a former AEW World Champion
Jon Moxley is a former AEW World Champion

Dutch Mantell pointed out his issue with AEW's recent trios Battle Royal on Rampage featuring Jon Moxley and other top stars.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of Smack Talk, Mantell claimed that the match was a mess and suggested that it was a poor way to start the show.

An enraged #HangmanPage charges directly at @JonMoxley and takes out everyone in his path!Watch #AEWRampage on TNT right now!

He further pointed out how AEW could lose viewers by making such mistakes. The veteran believes that shows need to get off to a hot start.

"That's what you try to avoid in TV is a mess at the beginning because if it's a mess, people are gonna go, they gonna go. I would've left if I could've, I just couldn't, I was held hostage to this show. But you want a hot start now and at the half hour mark because you don't want the people channel surfing. And that stuff you saw, you were a bigger fan of it then I am but you see none of it held me," said Mantell. [51:08 - 51:53]

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Orange Cassidy claims that Jon Moxley "owes" him a match

Jon Moxley and Orange Cassidy are among two of AEW's most popular stars, among many others.

Speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling in a recent interview, the All Atlantic Champion claimed that Moxley owed him a match. In pure OC fashion, he said the following about the former AEW World Champion:

"He still owes me a match, I don't know, ask him."
Things you will see only a handful of times in your lifetime.JON MOXLEY MAKING HIS ENTRANCE OUT OF THE AEW TUNNEL.

Jon Moxley is currently in a feud with Hangman Adam Page in AEW. The two men have been brawling for weeks but are yet to officially cross paths in the ring due to Page not being officially cleared.

The former AEW World Champion will be in action on Dynamite as he is set to team up with Claudio Castagnoli against Top Flight.

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