Adam Copeland (fka Edge) uses WWE’s intellectual property at AEW Double or Nothing

AEW Double or Nothing had quite a few surprises
AEW Double or Nothing had quite a few surprises for the fans

Adam Copeland seemingly took a page out of WWE's gimmick playbook to make a startling reference on AEW Double or Nothing. Surprisingly, the gimmick is supposedly still WWE's intellectual property.

In the moments leading up to Adam's entrance in his match with Malakai Black, the darkened arena was flooded in red lights. Instead of Adam Copeland's usual music, the riffs of South of Heaven by Slayer filled the area. As many would have guessed, this was lifted directly from Adam's days as a member of the Brood faction, alongside Gangrel and Christian.

The 'Brood' letters were also splashed on the ringside, leaving no doubt about the gimmick. Given the fact that the Brood is still supposedly WWE's intellectual property, and there has been no word on Tony Khan acquiring the rights to it, it was certainly a massive surprise for fans.

What followed was an exceptionally bloody match, where Malakai Black seemed to be close to winning. However, Gangrel made a surprise appearance near the end, giving Copeland just the opening he was looking for to put Malakai in a submission hold. The House of Black leader, exhausted from the long bout, passed out, leaving The Rated-R Superstar to continue his hold of the TNT championship.

As of now, it remains to be seen what the House of Black plan to do next after this major loss.

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