AEW Champion MJF targets former rival's family; real-life fiancé brought up?

MJF has been active on Twitter lately
MJF has been active on Twitter lately!

Recently crowned AEW World Champion MJF recently took to Twitter to engage in a war of words with a former rival.

While Brian Pillman Jr. and The Salt of the Earth are good friends in real life, the two stars have had an intense rivalry on screen. Last year, MJF and Brian engaged in a feud that ended with the former taking down his opponent in September on the Grand Slam edition of Dynamite. However, their rivalry is apparently still not resolved, as shown by the World Champion's recent comments.

Taking to Twitter, MJF took a shot at Brian Pillman Jr's aunt.

"She’s a wh*re."

You can check out the uncensored tweet here.

This prompted the Varsity Blondes member to fire back, taking a dig at MJF's fiance Naomi Rosenblum. Interestingly, this also received a rather crass response from the All Elite Wrestling World Champion.

@FlyinBrianJr Plz by all means. Take her.

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MJF recently made a bold proclamation about his AEW World Championship reign

The Salt of the Earth apparently has no qualms about winning by cheating in his match against Jon Moxley. Instead, he believes his victory has elevated the entire promotion.

At the media scrum, MJF made a bold statement about his future.

"Times they are a changing! You [Tony Khan] wait your turn baby people pay to see me, not you. Let's talk shall we. AEW is now destination television once again. The ship has been steered properly once again. This belt is now the most important belt in this entire sport, and it's thanks to three letters. It damn sure ain't AEW, I know for a motherf*cking fact it's not MOX, it's MJF."
#AndNew..The devil gets his due!@The_MJF is the NEW #AEW WORLD CHAMPION!! #AEWFullGear #MJF

With MJF scheduled to address fans on the next edition of Dynamite, it will be interesting to see what he has to say in the coming week.

Do you think MJF will have a better reign than Jon Moxley? Sound off in the comments below!

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