"I never had a chance to work with either one of them" - AEW's Chris Jericho wanted dream matches against two WWE legends

Chris Jericho at an AEW Rampage event in 2022
Chris Jericho at an AEW Rampage event in 2022
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AEW star Chris Jericho has faced a who's who of wrestling royalty throughout his legendary career. However, there are two opponents that Jericho would have loved to have faced, stating that they would be his ultimate dream opponents.

Jericho has wrestled all-time greats like Shawn Michaels and The Rock, but there are several legendary performers never got to work with. Over 30 years into Jericho's remarkable career, Bret Hart and his brother Owen sit at the top of this list.

During his appearance on the latest edition of "Wrestling with Freddie," former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. asked Jericho to name the performers he wishes he could have faced. The AEW star pointed to Bret and Owen Hart and explained that facing the latter was one of the reasons he first signed with WWE.

“I never had a chance to work with either one of them," said Jericho. "When I made up my mind to leave WCW in '99 and come to WWE, if you gave me a list of 10 reasons, wrestling Owen Hart would be one of the 7, 8, 9, 10 reasons. Owen passed away before that could happen, he passed away in, I believe May of '99, and I got there in August."

As Jericho noted, Owen tragically passed away before they got the chance to work together in the ring. As for Bret, when he and Jericho were in WCW together, the two men were in two different divisions, so a bout between the two was highly unlikely.

"Bret was in WCW but we were on different levels," said Jericho. 'I was never kind of allowed to get to that level when I was there, and then he had to retire out of WCW."

Long before Jericho became a major star, he trained in the Hart family dungeon, but he never got the chance to wrestle Bret and Owen. The future world champion then started traveling around the world while the Harts were becoming household names in WWE. Still, this connection to the Harts has remained part of Jericho's career ever since.

Will Chris Jericho appear in the Owen Hart Cup?

It was announced in September 2021 that AEW would be paying tribute to Owen with the "Owen Hart Cup." The tournament is being organized in conjunction with the Owen Hart Foundation charity.

There will be two tournaments held in 2022, one for the male roster and one for the female roster, but the participants have yet to be announced. The only detail that has been confirmed is the location of the finals. The tournaments will conclude at AEW Double or Nothing in May. Given Chris Jericho's history with the Harts, many fans have assumed he'll compete on the men's side.

The #OwenHartCup men’s and women’s tournaments will take place in May, culminating with both finals at #AEW Double or Nothing with Dr. Martha Hart on hand to award the cups to the winners. We’ll have more on #TheOwen WEDNESDAY on #AEWDynamiteWatch #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama!

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