"I went out and said whatever the f**k I wanted" – CM Punk on his infamous pipebomb promo

CM Punk in the midst of his Pipe Bomb promo
CM Punk in the midst of his Pipe Bomb promo

CM Punk delivered one of the most memorable promos of all time during an episode of WWE RAW in 2011 known as the "pipebomb." According to The Straight Edge Superstar, he was given notes of things to say and what not to.

Punk, who dealt with a lot of issues during his run in WWE, threatened to leave with the WWE Championship after defeating John Cena for the title at that year's Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, which he went on to do.

During his recent interaction on the Dropping Character podcast, the AEW star revealed that his peipebomb had to be approved by Vince McMahon, and he was instructed not to mention WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn.

"When I showed up that day, he [Vince McMahon] found me and he said, ‘You’re gonna go out there and air your grievances tonight’ and I was [laughing]," said CM Punk. "‘Sure I am. Sure I am, guy’, and he’s like, ‘Write some stuff down and let me approve it,’ and I’m not gonna name names but I got with some people who were writers and I started talking about things that I wanted to say and they said, ‘Oh he’s not approving any of this."
"He’s not gonna want you to mention Brock,’ because Brock Lesnar was gone and they had a tumultuous relationship with lawsuits and stuff that I would soon experience myself," he added. "You know, so, in my mind, what I did was I immediately just shut down and I went with the flow and I let them write stuff down and hand to Vince and Vince went, ‘Okay, this looks good.’ He gave a couple of notes, some of which I used. One was don’t mention Kevin Dunn who is the guy in the production truck, don’t mention somebody else. ‘Okay’, and then I went out and said whatever the f**k I wanted." (H/T POST Wrestling)

CM Punk reveals why he donned the Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt on WWE RAW

Punk cut the infamous promo while sitting on the RAW stage wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt. Fans have wondered why he chose to wear The Rattlesnake's shirt instead of his own.

Punk finally answered the longstanding question by revealing that WWE ceased producing his merch because he wasn't going to remain with the company.

"And people ask me, they’re like, ‘Why were you wearing a Stone Cold shirt?’ I was wearing a Stone Cold shirt because I was leaving and the company stopped producing CM Punk shirts," said CM Punk. "When I went to the crate to grab a shirt, they did not have any and I grabbed the first shirt I saw and I went, ‘Steve, cool’, put it on. I grabbed it because it was a shirt that was there and they didn’t have any CM Punk shirts, you know? But, I’ve been very good [in] my career at dropping little Easter eggs here and there and stuff like that so I was just like, ‘This is gonna be great. This is gonna be a thing that people latch onto and they’re gonna be like what the f**k?’ You know, and it was." (H/T POST Wrestling)
The Best in the World! @CMPunk wins in his first match back in 7 years! #AEWAllOut

After a seven-year long abscense, Punk finally made his in-ring return at AEW All Out, where he defeated former TNT Champion Darby Allin. It's only a matter of time before we see him have more dream matches with other AEW talent.

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