AEW fans fear for 28-year-old star's future after he appears to brawl with Chris Jericho, call for the WWE legend to retire

The audience has some thoughts about Jericho
The audience has some thoughts about Jericho's current storyline.

Chris Jericho in AEW has been part of a feud with Don Callis for a while now. And while several characters have come and gone in the feud, Jericho, of course, remains the common factor.

While Jericho has unsurpassed mic skills, he is being called out by fans for what could be the signal for a few matches with Konusuke Takeshita.

At Rampage, Takeshita appeared on stage for a brawl with Jericho, and the clip quickly made its way online. And from the looks of it, most of the fans are not too excited about seeing Jericho face Takeshita in a match

Check out the brawl below:

Check out the reactions:

Fan Reactions #1.
Fan Reactions #1.
Fan Reactions #2.
Fan Reactions #2.

Should Chris Jericho look at reinventing himself in AEW again?

Chris Jericho has re-invented himself in the wrestling world, but it looks like the fans are taking some time to warm up to his current avatar in AEW. This is one of the first times that the fans have spoken out about Jericho's character in the Jacksonville-based company.


Y2J has had stellar runs in ECW, WCW, and WWE. His feuds with top stars like Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, John Cena, and more are considered to be some of the most exciting storylines in WWE history.

In the Jacksonville-based company, Jericho formed the Jericho Appreciation Society, a stable that was later broken up by Don Callis and his Family. Jericho and the faction have been feuding ever since. Konusuke Takeshita, a naturally 'over' wrestler, might now have a long feud with The Ocho, given that he attacked him post-match. But going by the reactions, it seems that the audience is not very positive about watching that feud unfolding on their screens.

What are your thoughts on Chris Jericho's current storyline in AEW? Sound off in the comments below.

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