Darby Allin comments on whether he would split up with Sting in AEW

Sting (left) and Darby Allin (right)
Sting (left) and Darby Allin (right)

Darby Allin recently shared his thoughts on whether or not fans would see a future split up between him and Sting in AEW.

The alliance between the two faced-painted stars that kickstarted earlier this year has found a strong connection with fans. Both men have wrestled together in four tag-team matches so far, winning all of them.

While Darby Allin was amongst those who motivated the WCW Icon to compete in front of a live audience, Sting has served equally well by mentoring the 28-year old and giving him a much-needed spotlight.

But given the usual trend in wrestling, partnerships tend to end at some point.

During an interview with Bleacher Report, Darby ruled out the possibility of seeing himself split up with the WWE Hall of Famer. He added that his friendship with Sting isn't about proving superiority, which fans commonly see as becoming a key aspect of things falling apart.

The former TNT Champion believes Sting has achieved everything wrestling has to offer and he has no reason to rip the bond:

"That’s not in the cards yet, ever. It’s different when there’s two young guys trying to prove to each other they’re better, but Sting has done everything twice. He has no ego. There is no reason he’d want to split up."

Despite Darby's claims, fans would be thrilled if AEW ever decides to pull the trigger on a feud between the two face-painted stars. It could be a passing of the torch moment for Darby and a fitting way for Sting to hang up his boots.

What's next for Sting and Darby Allin in AEW?

Sting and Darby Allin may have found a new enemy in Billy Gunn, if the events that transpired on last week's AEW Rampage are any indication.

Allin defeated Billy Gunn in a singles match, but suffered a post-match attack from The Gunn Club. The former DX member even ambushed The WCW Icon.

It looks like AEW is planning a massive tag team between The Gunn Club and the face-painted stars for the Winter is Coming edition of Dynamite next month.

What do you make of Darby Allin's statement? Sound off in the comments section below.

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