"Both companies are guilty of that" - Former writer Vince Russo reveals a big mistake both AEW and WWE are making (Exclusive)

Tony Khan (left) and Vince McMahon (right)
Tony Khan (left) and Vince McMahon (right)

Vince Russo recently spoke about the big mistake AEW and WWE are making on their programming. The former WCW Champion feels that both companies are guilty of booking long-drawn-out matches that could test the patience of casual viewers.

Speaking on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Russo stated that having long matches on television would not draw new viewers for AEW and WWE. He explained that fans who are interested in watching stellar in-ring action are already watching the show.

Russo implied that both companies must focus on the storytelling aspect and book more entertaining angles instead of lengthy matches to improve their ratings.

"From both sides, these long-drawn matches are not gonna bring new people in. Bro, if you're an actual fan of the match, you're already watching. So, both companies are guilty of that. Casual TV fans are not gonna sit there for 15-20 minutes matches, bro," said Vince Russo.

Check out the complete review of this week's WWE RAW and much more in the video below:

Vince Russo is not an avid follower of AEW

Back in July, Russo opened up about why he doesn't watch AEW regularly. The former WWE head writer explained that everyone has their liking and tastes and that AEW isn't his cup of tea, though he has the utmost respect for fans who watch its shows.

Vince Russo also said that he would never ask someone to stop watching it just because he doesn't. At the time, Russo claimed he hadn't watched a single episode of AEW Dynamite or any of the company's pay-per-views since January.

His disinterest in Tony Khan's promotion probably stems from the fact that it is too wrestling-centric and devoid of sports entertainment elements.

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Do you agree or disagree with Vince Russo's opinion about WWE and AEW featuring long matches on television? Sound off in the comments section below.

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