"Reminds me of AJ" - Kurt Angle compares top AEW star to AJ Styles

WWE legend Kurt Angle compares Kenny Omega with AJ Styles
WWE legend Kurt Angle compares Kenny Omega with AJ Styles

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently stated that former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has similar traits to AJ Styles. He added that the two men are at the top of the wrestling world because they have the "it" factor.

Both Kenny Omega and AJ Styles could be considered as perfect role models for young wrestlers who are looking for inspiration. Both stars have worked for various promotions, and they have made their mark everywhere they've gone. Given their unmatched talent, Omega and Styles are often viewed as two of the best wrestlers in the world.

During a recent episode of Talk is Jericho, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle praised AJ Styles and Kenny Omega. The former world champion shared his belief that the two stars are always a step ahead of everyone else in the business.

"Another wrestler that reminds me of AJ is Kenny Omega, very much so," said Angle. "These guys are a step above everybody. For whatever reason. I don't know what it is, but they have the it factor. These guys put on tremendous matches....It's really incredible how good [Omega] really is." (H/T SEScoops)
Man, AJ Styles deserves so much better. I know he's probably in the twilight of his career, but we need that dream match between him and Kenny Omega before either one of them retires.

Angle also noted that, while he isn't a fan of the ratings system in the wrestling industry, Omega's five-star matches are fitting due to his elite skill level.

Kenny Omega reveals how his match with AJ Styles changed his life

Kenny Omega recently spoke about a match he had with AJ Styles back in 2006. The Cleaner stated that this experience completely changed his life; after this bout, he knew that he wanted to have a wrestling career more than ever.

"I had this great match with AJ, and at the time, I thought like, 'Wow, AJ is the top guy in TNA,'" said Omega. "'And If I'm kind of holding my own with a guy that’s that good, then maybe I should give wrestling more of an honest effort now that there’s actually an option again....So I thought maybe I should give it one more try."
@WebIsJericho @FiteTV Kenny Omega vs AJ styles, from my favourite home promotion @PCWLegacy

A lot has changed since Omega and Styles faced each other in 2006. Both men have reached remarkable heights in their respective companies, and they have earned numerous accolades. Their talent is evident every time they step into the ring, and watching them perform is always a treat for wrestling fans.

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