Chris Jericho tells AEW personality to 'eff off' 

Chris Jericho
Former ROH World Champion The Ocho Chris Jericho

The leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society, Chris Jericho, had some harsh words for a 25-year-old AEW star. The star was none other than one of the newest signees of the Jacksonville-based promotion Action Andretti.

Action Andretti made a name for himself on his AEW Dynamite debut by defeating the former ROH World Champion Chris Jericho. Since then, Andretti has been feuding with The Ocho and the rest of his faction.

Renee Paquette took to Twitter to share a clip from an upcoming episode of The Sessions with Action Andretti. In the clip, the AEW star shared Chris Jericho's initial thoughts following their match on the December 14th episode of Dynamite.

Andretti mentioned that Tony Khan was highly pleased with his performance and The Ocho Chris Jericho felt the same way.

“Tony just… he was very happy with the match just very fired up which I love to see… ‘let’s f****** go’ that fires me up so much I love it. Yeah Chris is just, he was very happy with how it came out and I’m just very happy that those guys believed in me and just very grateful that they gave me an opportunity and they trusted me out there to go out and perform to the level that they thought I was going to,” Action Andretti said. [00:06 - 00:31]

Chris Jericho stayed in character and asked both Paquette and Andretti to just 'eff off'.

"Eff off to the both of you," Chris Jericho tweeted.

AEW star Renee Paquette responded to Chris Jericho

Upon seeing the former AEW World Champion's reply, Renee Paquette had a bold response.

"P*** up a rope Christopher!" Renee Paquette tweeted.

Check out the tweet here.

Last night on Dynamite, Chris Jericho managed to get some retribution against Andretti in the form of a tag team match. His teammate Sammy Guevara pinned the 25-year-old star to earn the victory for The Jericho Appreciation Society.


Andretti was on a winning streak up until last night.

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