AEW President Tony Khan comments on Becky Lynch days before her WWE contract expires

Khan and Lynch (image credits: Tony Khan, Becky Lynch on X)
Khan and Lynch (image credits: Tony Khan, Becky Lynch on X/Twitter)

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch is reportedly days away from wrapping up her current contract in the Stamford-based promotion. Amid speculation that she might test the waters of free agency, AEW President Tony Khan has given his thoughts on the matter – or as much as he legally can.

Becky Lynch lost her Women's World Championship to Liv Morgan at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024. She tried to get the title back on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW but failed to pull off the victory. According to recent reports, her contract is set to expire within the next week.

Lynch is a top star in WWE, but she reportedly hasn't signed a new deal yet. This could leave her open to free agency if the Stamford-based company doesn't get a new contract hammered out with her very soon. And AEW, which has snatched up several top free agents throughout the first half of 2024, could offer her big money to further boost its blossoming women's division.

Tony Khan made an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show today, where he was asked about All Elite Wrestling's recent slew of free agent signings and its plans moving forward. The AEW President addressed the situation with caution:

"I don't want to try to tamper and do those things. I try to keep it classy, and I really have a reputation for honesty, and I really want to be a fair businessman. The wrestling business is a really cutthroat business."

Rich Eisen noted that Khan seemed reluctant to name any particular stars and brought up Becky Lynch. The All Elite Chief had a prudent response:

"You invoked the tampering word," said Khan.

Chris Jericho addresses the possibility of Becky Lynch joining AEW

Many fans seem to think that WWE Superstar Becky Lynch will remain with WWE. However, with the existence of AEW, the leverage that free agency provides could get The Man an even bigger contract with the sports entertainment juggernaut.

This wasn't always the case, as AEW's Chris Jericho recently pointed out. Speaking to TMZ Sports, The Ocho addressed the possibility of Lynch joining the company, noting that Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling are giving wrestlers options that they haven't had in a long time:

"Five years ago, Becky would have had no other options. I'm not saying that she's coming, but there is an option, and who knows what could happen, you know. No one thought that Jericho would come to AEW. No one thought that [Jon] Moxley would come or Bryan Danielson or Adam Cole or any of these guys that have come over," said Jericho.

Becky Lynch is just 37 and is one of wrestling's top stars. While her addition to AEW's women's roster could provide a major boost to the Jacksonville-based promotion's programming, WWE still has time to secure her services for the future.

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