"I'd rather that match with Cesaro be my final thing" - WWE legend recalls wrestling with his son after retirement

The Swiss Superman remains a free agent following his WWE departure
The Swiss Superman remains a free agent following his WWE departure

William Regal recently discussed his final match with Cesaro, subsequent retirement and wrestling his son.

The former King of the Ring retired from in-ring competition after a match with Swiss Superstar Cesaro on NXT in 2013. He has since stepped into the ring behind closed doors against Sami Zayn and most recently, wrestled his own son at the WWE Performance Center. His son works for NXT UK under the name of Charlie Dempsey.

However, he stated that it's his retirement match that he is most proud of. Speaking to Metro, Lord Regal compared the clash with the spectacle of Elvis Presley, making use of the famous quote "Elvis has left the building":

"I wrestled my son for an hour before Christmas in the PC in Orlando. I can wrestle. I’d rather that match with Cesaro be my final thing. “Elvis has left the building”. That’s why Colonel Tom Parker never let Elvis do an encore. Don’t ruin it for myself. That was as good as a match as it could ever be for me to finish my career, and 30 years in, it’s somebody else’s turn now. Why ruin it?" (H/T
Thank you to @WWE for a wonderful 21 year run. You gave a lad who was happy and in wonderland wrestling on a carnival have a charmed life for 21 years. No complaints and please no one waste time replying as I won’t have a bad work said against the company.x

Regal also confirmed in the same interview that he never intends to return to the ring, perhaps disappointing a portion of AEW fans.

Cesaro has been touted as a potential 'Joker' opponent against Samoa Joe in AEW's Owen Hart Cup

After defeating The Acclaimed's Max Caster in their qualifiying clash, ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe was drawn against a mysterious 'Joker' entrant in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament quarter-finals.

Thanks to their shared history in both WWE and ROH, and given his departure from the latter earlier in the year, fans speculate that Cesaro may be the mystery challenger.

Despite veterans such as William Regal lavishing praise on the Swiss Superman, he never found his true potential within WWE.

There are many a names outside of Samoa Joe within AEW for the ROH veteran to renew acquaintances with, among a plethora of new opportunities. Only time will tell if the former United States Champion declares as 'All-Elite'.

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