AEW star issues statement over major accusation: "It’s completely unfair and untrue"

(Source-AEW official website)

A former AEW World Tag Team Champion recently issued a statement while responding to an accusation by a user. The star shared a long message on social media as a response.

The AEW star in question is Dax Harwood. The star recently revealed that he pays his own artists for the FTR merchandise. However, a user accused Dax of not taking care of one of his artists and blocking him on social media.

Nevertheless, Dax Harwood took notice of the accusation on X/Twitter and responded to it with a long note clarifying he had paid multiple artists from his pocket.

"I shouldn’t respond to this, because I’m sure so many people will comment about how mean I am, and what a terrible human I am, but this really bothers me. I’ve paid MULTIPLE artists out of MY pocket to have designs for FTR merch. The artists are pretty available on all social media to ask and find out. I know, first hand, how it feels to be a struggling artist, worrying about how you’re going to pay your next bill. I did it for a decade."

Dax also added that the accusations of the said artist on social media are untrue:

"Paying artists for their time & their efforts is a way I can hope to give them a little peace of mind while also highlighting their incredible art work. I have NO IDEA who this original Twitter account is or what he’s talking about. IF I blocked him it’s because he said something offensive about me. To the account who QT’d it, no clue who he or she is or why they would want to spread these lies about me, but it’s completely unfair and untrue."

AEW star says he is getting off of Twitter again

Adding to his long note in the above post, Dax Harwood also said that people can call him a complainer or whiner. Furthermore, Dax announced that he was getting back off of Twitter.

"You can call me a whiner, a complainer, a fat slob, boring, etc., but attacking my integrity as a human who’s trying to help people in the same situation I was in just a few years ago, is wrong. Anyway, I’m getting back off of Twitter."

The star was last seen in action in the Anarchy in the Arena match at AEW Double or Nothing. It remains to be seen what the future holds for him and Cash Wheeler.

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