Top AEW star puts Deathmatch wrestling legend Nick Gage on notice

Nick Gage
Nick Gage

AEW star and former IWGP United States Champion Lance Archer has sent a fierce warning to Nick Gage.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman, Lance Archer discussed numerous topics, notably his thoughts on facing Nick Gage in a death match. The Murderhawk Monster gave a crisp response, stating that he wouldn't mind facing him:

"I’ll gladly put him through some broken glass and kick his ass.I’m good with that," Lance Archer said.

Given the merciless nature of both Nick Gage and Lance Archer, a possible match between them could set a whole new standard for deathmatches in the modern era.

Nick Gage recently sparked headlines on social media after he faced AEW star Chris Jericho in a no disqualification match.

The bout involved barbarity at its peak, including the use of glass tubes, chairs and pizza cutters to such an extent that blood was pouring down from both men's heads.

The bout was quite a sight to behold, especially for the relatively younger audience. It received an equal share of criticism and appreciation from fans and experts. AEW President Tony Khan even informed the TNT network in advance about doing this type of match.

As of now, this type of match is a one-time thing. However, the company may consider doing it again, given the eyeballs it got last time.

Cody Rhodes is keen on having deathmatches in AEW

The American Nightmare
The American Nightmare

AEW star Cody Rhodes recently stated that deathmatches have a place in the wrestling business as they add a whole new complexion to the show. However, Rhodes made it clear that fans won't see these types of matches more often:

"I think it does have a place," said Cody Rhodes. "I don't think it's something you will see often. That's just my opinion, I think it's important that you balance your show out."

Even though some of the wrestlers are in favor of doing these matches, one cannot deny that sponsors and other networks may not support them, given the extreme violence.

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Do you want to see a match between Lance Archer and Nick Gage? What's your take on deathmatches in AEW? Sound off in the comments section below.

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