AEW star Matt Hardy discloses surprising backstage details for major gimmick match

Matt Hardy discloses details about a gimmick match
Matt Hardy discloses details about a gimmick match

AEW star Matt Hardy recently disclosed surprising backstage details for a major gimmick match

In 2020, during the start of the Covid outbreak, wrestling promotions were forced to work without a live audience. As live audience plays a prime role in adding life to live shows, companies started inventing innovative ways to prevent their shows from becoming stale without live audiences. One such way was holding pre-recorded cinematic matches.

Matt Hardy recently talked about his Elite Deletion Match with Sammy Guevara in his interview with Daily Mail Online.

As per Matt, Tony Khan joined them while the crew was filming the match and went to his Arcade room, where he started playing on a wrestling machine. Tony Khan got so involved with it that Matt Hardy had to remind him about getting back to filming the match. Hardy remembered the blast they had while filming. Hardy said:

"Well, with the Elite Deletion, Tony actually came out here, and I think we had too big of a crew at that point whenever I did the match with Sammy, and he enjoyed it. It’s so funny, he went down to my arcade, and he started playing on one of my wrestling machines. So I said we should probably get back out, we don’t want to waste all our time down here just having a party. But no, we had a blast doing that"(H/t : WrestleTalk)

Hardy further added that for their next deletion match, produced by Sonjay Dutt, Tony Khan fully trusted them with their vision. They just went out and filmed it.

"And then for the Final Deletion, actually, Sonjay Dutt was the producer or coach that was kind of in charge. We talked with Tony about it, and we kind of explained our vision, and how we thought it should go, and then he just kind of trusted us to do it, and we went out and we did it."

Tony Khan is known to be a wrestling enthusiast, and from the words of Matt Hardy, it seems like he provides his wrestlers with the creative freedom required to bring their visions to reality.

Matt Hardy calls Tony Khan a fair boss and an Amazing Human

In the interview, Matt Hardy also provided details about the treatment that the employees in AEW get from Khan. He praised Tony Khan by calling him a fair boss and an amazing human being who cares about his employees and respects their personal lives:

‘He is an amazing human being overall. I love working with him. He’s like the most fair boss, and he very much values us talent as human beings. He really considers his employees as human beings, and it’s very important to him that they get to spend as much time with their family, and they actually get to have their own lives outside of AEW. Also, just the way he allows guys to do like signings, cons and whatnot. You know, autograph appearances, sometimes appearances, even in indie shows, whatever may be. And he’s very generous and very giving and very fair. He just wants what’s best for the human being and the talent.’ (H/t : WrestleTalk)

Since its inception, AEW has provided wrestling fans with a breath of fresh air by rupturing the monopoly of WWE in the wrestling world.

AEW has re-invigorated the passion for wrestling for many professional wrestlers. The positive work environment in Tony Khan's promotion is the reason behind all that.

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