AEW Superstars reveal why Vince McMahon wanted them 'completely naked' on WWE RAW

Vince McMahon vouched for the hilarious segment
Vince McMahon vouched for the hilarious segment
Modified 03 Apr 2021

Former WWE Superstars Chris Jericho and Christian Cage recently shared a hilarious anecdote about a particular segment on RAW. The two AEW Superstars recalled when Vince McMahon wanted them to be completely naked inside the ring.

Jericho and Cage worked together as a tag team on WWE RAW when Vince McMahon booked them in a memorable segment. At the time, Christian and Jericho were the tag team champions. They fell prey to an epic prank by the Dudley Boyz.

On an episode of WWE RAW, Christian and Jericho were locked out of the locker room while they were in their towels. Their bags were missing, and they spent the entire time hunting for their belongings. Finally, the Dudley Boyz revealed they had everything before urging the tag team champions to come and collect it inside the ring. Here's how they recalled the incident:

"Earlier in the day, we were told they were going to steal our gear bags. Vince Mcmahon suggested that they should have women's lingerie in those gear bags because he thought it was funny. I wondered if now we are a cross-dresser. How is that funny?"
"Here is the best part and I am still convinced to this day that you were going to go for it because you are such a good company man. Vince wanted us to go out to the ring in our towels because all our gear was stolen and throughout the show, we were trying to find where our stuff is. And we go to the ring where Bubba has our stuff and Spike comes and pulls our towels off. And Vince wanted us to be completely naked."

The segment's final booking led to Chris Jericho and Christian being stripped of their towels on the ramp. The arena erupted in laughter as both the tag team champions rushed backstage, dressed in birthday suits.

WWE's original plans for Chris Jericho and Christian's naked segment on RAW

Originally, Booker T and Goldust were going to be involved in the feud with Christian and Chris Jericho. However, the WWE Superstars had recently returned from an overseas trip. It took a toll on Booker T. The latter received special medical attention and was replaced by The Dudley Boyz at the last minute. Speaking about the backstage plan, Christian said:

"We get a text saying Vince [McMahon] wants something entertaining tomorrow. This is a deal. So, basically, we were the thread of the entire show. We would go out there for a match, screw them [Booker T and Goldust] over, and they will end up stealing our clothes leading to a chase."
"Thirty minutes before we go live, you and I are standing there and Booker T passes by in a stretcher with an IV. They told us that he is super dehydrated from the trip and he came down with something so they are going to take a look."

Christian and Chris Jericho had a successful run as a tag team in WWE. They are both admired by the WWE Universe owing to their memorable time in the promotion. Even though Christian and Jericho have moved on to AEW, they still share fond memories from their time in WWE and how it led to a real-life friendship between them.

Published 03 Apr 2021, 22:56 IST
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