Becky Lynch could make AEW debut at All In this year, says analyst, to face former WWE Superstar

Becky Lynch is a free agent right now
Becky Lynch is a free agent right now

Wrestling analyst Sam Roberts made some bold predictions regarding Becky Lynch and also said that she could face a former WWE star at AEW All In this year.

The star is none other than current AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm. Lynch’s contract expired at the end of May, thereby making her a free agent. There has been a lot of chatter as to what her next move could be.

Sam Roberts has now said that if Becky did move to AEW, there could be a lot of possibilities that could open up. Specifically with her facing former WWE Superstars Toni Storm and Mercedes Mone. He was speaking on his Notsam Wrestling podcast when he said:

“The fact that she doesn’t have a deal means that she can, legally speaking, theoretically – if that is true, who knows if its even true – she doesn’t have a deal, she can do whatever she wants. And can you imagine, if you were to speculate wildly, how big of a difference it would make in AEW if Becky Lynch showed up? If she or Rebecca Quinn, I don't know, however you want to go."

Roberts speculated on how a potential journey in All Elite Wrestling would go for The Man if she showed up at All In 2024:

"But you show up in AEW and I don't know, maybe do the Adam Copeland thing and jump off the steel cage after working with a bunch of young guys or girls. But you could also say, hey, I am gonna go after this person. We could theoretically have Toni Storm versus Becky Lynch at Wembley. We could have Jamie Hayter if she is back at Wembley. It’s possible, and then move on to Mercedes and Becky. It would be nuts." [24:32 - 25:39]

Becky Lynch won't go to AEW, according to Matt Morgan

Former wrestler Matt Morgan has said something totally opposite to what Sam Roberts said. He opined that if Becky Lynch did move away from WWE, it would be for Hollywood and that she would not go to AEW.

He was speaking on the Gigantic Pop podcast when he said that he does not see her moving to All Elite Wrestling.

"I don't think she's going back to wrestling until it's WWE. I think if she goes anywhere, she goes to do some more stuff in Hollywood, acting, maybe her book tour, things like that if I had to guess. She's not going to AEW, guys, no way. I don't see it," he said.

It's an interesting take and one that could infuriate some AEW fans. It will be interesting to see what happens next with Becky.

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