Booker T comments on AEW signing Adam Copeland (Edge) shortly after CM Punk's exit

Booker T has spoken about Edge
Booker T has spoken about Edge's entry and CM Punk's exit

Adam Copeland made his AEW debut just weeks after CM Punk controversially exited the company. Nobody has spoken about whether there's a connection between the two incidents - until now.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, in a conversation on the podcast 'Hall of Fame,' came up with a unique but seemingly convincing 'railroad theory' to describe how the two incidents are connected. He described the two incidents thus:

"A promoter told me a long time ago, you might remember it very well, 'One monkey don't stop no show.' And that's what this is all about. You know, out with one, we'll bring another one. There's not one guy who's ever held this up. You know, from the train, you know, steel roller, they take that loose link out, boom, they get rid of it, they replace it, let's roll boys, let's get to the next station." he said. (11:00 -11:29)

The wrestling world has had some very controversial exits and entries for a long time now, and professional wrestlers leaving franchises for greener pastures is nothing new. However, Punk's recent departure was highly controversial and one with mainstream heat.

With Tony Khan losing one of his most popular talents so publically, he did need to do some damage control.

Adam Copeland is a booster shot for AEW

Adam Copeland's signing up for AEW is a positive for the Tony Khan-led company. The Jacksonville-based company needed the big sign-up after the very public exit of Punk and Jade Cargill, the reigning AEW TBS Women's Champion, until she lost the Championship to Kris Statlander.


Punk's exit created a huge vacuum in the company, and Copeland has seemingly agreed to try to fill in the gap created by Punk. The Rated-R Superstar has a lot of positivity going on for him, even after he returned to the ring after a nine-year hiatus.

What do you think? Will Adam Copeland do something major for AEW? Tell us in the comments section.

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