Bryan Danielson called a controversial ex-WWE name and requested him to join AEW

Bryan Danielson AEW WWE
This AEW producer was hired by Bryan Danielson.

Former WWE producer discloses how he got on board with AEW as a backstage producer due to a call from his former in-ring rival, Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson has taken up an authoritative role in AEW due to his immense knowledge and understanding of the wrestling business. In fact, Tony Khan himself said he could only trust Danielson if he had to replace himself in the promotion. Meanwhile, Bryan is credited for another backstage hiring.

The star in question is former controversial WWE producer Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs signed with the All Elite promotion as a backstage producer earlier this year. He gained prominence as a wrestler during his time in Ring of Honor.

Speaking on the AEW Unrestricted, Jacobs revealed how Danielson, whom he has known since their ROH days, called him to bring him on board with AEW.

“As far as how I got here, Bryan Danielson called me and said, ‘Hey, we’re starting a second show and we need someone in the chaos.’ I’m great in the chaos. They needed someone who was going to be at all the shows, like someone who has the aptitude that I have. There are others who have the aptitude I have that can do what I do. I’m not particularly special, but also I have no life. So it was like, ‘Hey, can you just be on the road whenever,'" Jacobs said. [H/T]

Jimmy Jacobs explains how he felt in AEW after accepting Bryan Danielson's offer

As mentioned earlier, Jimmy Jacobs was just one call away from Bryan Danielson to eventually sign with AEW as a producer. Jacobs also opened up on his experience working with the All Elite promotion.

“AEW is great. It’s a madhouse. Welcome to madness, though. For the last year, I was living in Georgia. I bought about seven acres out in the middle of nowhere. Working for IMPACT Wrestling, that’s just a couple weekends a month. I was working on a farm a couple days a week. I was living that life and I was like, this is a little too mellow for me. I need to get thrown in the blender and whirl around into chaos, and apparently that’s what I’m best adapted for, so AEW is my home right now,” Jacobs said. [H/T]

Meanwhile, Jacobs continues to do his job as a backstage producer for both Tony Khan-owned promotions, including Ring of Honor as well. Only time will tell how Danielson continues to bring order backstage with his new role.

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