Bully Ray compares AEW's Orange Cassidy to Daniel Bryan

It would be interesting to see both these men compete in a match against each other
It would be interesting to see both these men compete in a match against each other
Karan Bedi

If there was one person in AEW that surprised many in the wrestling world with his abilities, it's Orange Cassidy. The King of Sloth Style has thoroughly entertained the AEW fans with people buying his merchandise in droves. He elevated himself into one of the big stars in AEW and had an incredible match for the TNT Championship against Cody Rhodes on this week's Dynamite.

AEW is seemingly aware of Orange Cassidy's growing fanbase that his match with Cody Rhodes ended in a time-limit draw, thus protecting the rising star. This caught the attention of Bully Ray as he and Dave LaGreca reviewed the match on Busted Open Radio.

Bully Ray says Orange Cassidy is massively over with the AEW fanbase

Bully Ray and Dave LeGreca were pretty clear in their praise of Orange Cassidy and explained how he is one of the popular people on the AEW roster. Bully Ray went further in describing how over Orange Cassidy is with the fans.

The WWE Hall Of Famer went on to compare Cassidy with Daniel Bryan as well. He said:

"Orange Cassidy is massively over with the fanbase that he's been in front of. And there's probably other gimmicks that technically should not have worked but they did. And why do they work? Because somehow, they find a way to resonate and invoke emotion. That's all that matters in this business is emotion. What are they reacting to? And when you can identify what they're reacting to, you use that as the foundation, as to build on that character. With Orange Cassidy's Sloth Style, Lazy Style, whatever it is, people are really gravitating towards it. We're seeing people dress up like him. We're seeing people buy his merchandise. We're seeing kids call into our show, saying that they like him. They're tweeting about him. We can't be blind to all of this stuff we're getting smacked in the face with. This kid, Orange Cassidy is on his way. Take it from me, who has seen this for a long time. Over is over. And it doesn't matter how it gets over. It's the same way Daniel Bryan, the little tiny guy, made it to the main event at WrestleMania and won."

To summarize, Bully Ray compares the underdog spirit that Daniel Bryan generated amongst WWE's fanbase to what Orange Cassidy has done in AEW.

Many people did write off Orange Cassidy when he debuted. However, The King Of Sloth Style has proven time and again that he is more than just a comedy act on AEW Dynamite.Β 

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