Chris Jericho breaks character to make a bold prediction regarding a top star who recently faced Blackpool Combat Club members

The Blackpool Combat Club has been feuding with The Jericho Appreciation Society for a while
The Blackpool Combat Club has been feuding with The Jericho Appreciation Society for a while

Chris Jericho sent a bold message regarding Konosuke Takeshita, who is now set to depart the United States after his four-month excursion in the country.

Over the last few months, the Japanese star has been a huge part of AEW and has competed all over the American independent circuit.

Taking to Twitter, Jericho quoted a tweet from Takeshita, claiming that he will be a world champion in the future.

Considering that the former is regarded as one of the biggest heels in AEW, having him praise a babyface like Takeshita is definitely something fans wouldn't have expected.

"Future World Champion," wrote Chris Jericho.

Check out Jericho's tweet below:

Future World Champion.…

Takeshita recently faced interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and was also unsuccessful in his attempt to capture the Ring of Honor World Championship from Claudio Castagnoli.

Moxley and Castagnoli are both members of The Blackpool Combat Club, and interestingly enough, Jericho has been feuding with the stable in recent months.

On the latest edition of Dynamite, The Wizard faced Moxley for his interim title but was unable to dethrone him.

The fans mostly agreed with Chris Jericho's tweet for Konosuke Takeshita

In reaction to Chris Jericho's tweet about Konosuke Takeshita, fans mostly agreed that the 27-year-old will be a massive star in the making.

While Takeshita has already established his place as a big star in Japan, courtesy of his work in DDT Pro-Wrestling, he still seems to be on the rise in the American wrestling scene.

Check out the reactions from fans on Twitter after Jericho claimed that Takeshita is going to be a future world champion:

@IAmJericho Huge compliment and yes I agree! Huge star in the making!
@IAmJericho For you to say that is a big compliment. Takeshita is awesome.
@IAmJericho From the GOAT to a future goat this is a huge compliment and you're right, Chris! 👏👏👏
@IAmJericho The lad is a wiz in the ring.
@IAmJericho Having just watched him wrestle in person @ThisIs_Progress, I wholeheartedly agree. He’s going to be a megastar.

During his time in AEW, Takeshita also shared the ring with other big names, including Jay Lethal, Hangman Adam Page, and Eddie Kingston. Most of his matches were highly praised by fans, despite the Japanese star failing to come out on top.

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