"Could have been built like Gunther" - Twitter erupts with mixed reactions to current AEW star's underwhelming WWE stint 

Will an AEW star join WWE in the future to have a Gunther-like run?
Will an AEW star join WWE in the future to have a Gunther-like run?

The Twitterverse is apparently conflicted about the quality of an AEW star's former run in WWE.

The star in question, Miro (fka Rusev), had an almost decade-long stint at Stamford-based Promotion. While he has had high moments like the Rusev Day storyline, his booking has also been met with criticism at times.

The 38-year-old star has not fared much better in AEW as well. Although he was initially booked to be one of the strongest wrestlers in the Promotion, even winning the TNT Championship once, his prominence fell drastically over the last year. His last TV appearance was in September 2022, when he teamed up with Sting and Draby Allin to take down House of Black.

A recent discussion about Miro's run at Stamford-based Promotion recently gripped fans on social media. Many Twitter users have put forth their views, with some even comparing it to Gunther's run in the last few months.

@JustTalkWrestle I personally never seen him as main event level. A very solid upper mid-carder but not main event level
@JustTalkWrestle Yeah I think if booked properly, he could’ve remained at a Sheamus level of relevancy. I would’ve loved to see the machine get fully behind the Rusev Day gimmick
@JustTalkWrestle He has arguably the platonic ideal of a wrestler's physique, and hes a great worker... VKM just didnt like his foreignness and accent... couldnt be a top guy...huge wasted opportunity
@JustTalkWrestle The Ziggler feud was the ender for Rusev. Then he recovers into Rusev Day and WWE continue to stop his momentum.
@JustTalkWrestle I'd say the biggest missed opportunity WWE had with Rusev is not having him win the tag titles with Aiden English during the "Rusev Day" phenomenon.
@JustTalkWrestle Rusev was probably one of the most over stars they've had that they did nothing really relevant with.
@JustTalkWrestle When he was the Bulgarian Brute I could've believed it, even if he bounced back and forth like Miz and Ziggler
@JustTalkWrestle Rusev should've been a main eventer in WWE. They dropped the ball with him badly.
@JustTalkWrestle Rusev could have been built like Gunther. I’m glad we have Gunther but I think Rusev was stunted for some reason.
@JustTalkWrestle Two companies have missed an opportunity with him. Is it them, or is it him?

CJ Perry believes the AEW star will return to WWE at some point

Given Miro's absence from the Jacksonville-based Promotion, many have started questioning his return. It appears that even his wife thinks that he is headed back to Triple-H's roster at some point.

Speaking on The Mike Wennmacher Show, CJ Perry (fka Lana) spoke about her husband's potential future plans. She also mentioned that it was likely that Miro would return to his previous company in the future.

"Rusev Day will never die. It's always going to be around, the kids are gonna wanna sing it, and I'm sure it will make a return in WWE at some point. You know, Rusev will, whenever he shows back in and whatever freakin' name or gimmick or character at some point in WWE, it's going to be iconic... Let's be honest, we know that everyone always returns back to WWE at some point." [9:07 - 9:45]
1/27/2019Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Alexander Rusev to win back the United States Title at the #RoyalRumble from Chase Field in #WWEPhoenix, Arizona.#ShinsukeNakamura #Nakamura #KingOfStrongStyle #TheArtist #Rusev #RusevDay #RusevCrush #Miro #USTitle #WWE #WWEHistory

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Miro.

Do you want to see Miro join Triple-H's roster? Sound off in the comments section below!

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