Current champion in AEW says their title win was an "F you" to the fans

Which current AEW champion thought their title win was an "F You" to the fans?
Which current AEW champion thought their title win was an "F You" to the fans?

Not every title win will go down well with the fans, but one of AEW's current champions feels as if his moment in the sun was essentially a middle finger to the fans.

The star in question is Austin Gunn, one-half of the current AEW Tag Team Champions with his brother Colten, who shocked the world on the February 8, 2023, edition of Dynamite when they defeated The Acclaimed to become the new champions.

The Gunns winning the AEW Tag Team Championships came as a massive shock to fans all over the world due to Austin and Colten not only being one of the least experienced teams on the roster, but also the fact that they aren't too popular with the fans.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fightful, Austin Gunn was asked how he felt about winning the belts, but not many people being too happy about it. Here's what he had to say:

"I'll just say this; it's a very different feeling when people root for you. You have an underdog story, work hard, the fans are behind you, win the championship titles, and everybody cheers. We did not get that experience; we got the total opposite. When the fans hate you and want anything besides us to win the AEW Tag-Team Championships, and [we] get the 1-2-3 from the referee. You hold your hand up, and I look at Colten, and he's the only one in the arena happy for you, and you look around. Everybody's in shock, flipping you off, screaming profanities at you, and almost coming over the barricade; it's a different feeling." (H/T Fightful)

Austin elaborated by claiming that the major title win felt like a big "f**k you" to those who doubted what they could do since they arrived in the company.

"It wasn't; oh my gosh, we finally did it. I mean, pardon my French. It was an 'F you' guys [fans]. We told you from day one this was going to happen. We told you we were going to beat The Acclaimed. We told you we were going to beat our Dad. We told you this would happen, and when we ripped their hearts out from there, like their best tag team, The Acclaimed. It was the best feeling for me but a different experience." (H/T Fightful)

Winning the AEW Tag Team Championship didn't hit Colten Gunn until a few days later!

It wasn't just Austin who felt hostile towards the fans after their big moment, his brother Colten felt the same way as well. After Austin explained how he felt about winning the AEW Tag Team Championships, Colten explained that he not only felt like he proved everyone wrong, but the win didn't sink in until a few days after the show.

"Austin covered Bowens, we got that 1-2-3, and we won. We did it, got them all, we sucked the air right out of this building. I hate every single one of you. My brother and I were the only people who believed each other and were standing on that ramp. It didn't hit me until a couple of days later that we were the tag champs. We did it, and we proved everyone wrong." (H/T Fightful)

The Gunns will defend their AEW Tag Team Championships this week on Dynamite against Top Flight, with the match being their first contest since their first successful defense at Revolution.

Do you think The Gunns will retain their titles this week on Dynamite? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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