Legendary female star takes a massive dig at CM Punk following real-life rival's AEW Dynamite appearance 

Missy Hyatt took a huge shot at CM Punk
Missy Hyatt took a huge shot at CM Punk

Following recent updates regarding CM Punk's future in AEW, Colt Cabana's appearance on Dynamite stirred the conversation pot even more furiously. Legendary wrestling valet and commentator Missy Hyatt took a huge shot at the Second City Saint.

Chris Jericho was set to face a challenger on Dynamite for the ROH World Championship. It was a mystery challenger who was going to be a former ROH champion of any kind. While fans had been speculating nonstop about who it could be, Colt Cabana was not on many fans' lists.

Colt Cabana was the centerpiece of CM Punk's rant in the post-All Out media scrum, wherein Punk completely buried the Elite and Colt Cabana. Following reports that the Voice of the Voiceless is unlikely to return, Cabana showing up on AEW television for the first time in a year, seemingly confirmed that he was being held back due to his past troubles with the former WWE world champion.

After he showed up, multiple people reacted positively to Colt's return. Among them was former WCW superstar Missy Hyatt. She aimingly took a huge shot at CM Punk by stating that Colt did not need to give the crowd ice cream bars to be over with them.

"So happy to see @ColtCabana back on @aew he didnt even have to buy the crowd ice cream bars to be cheered ." - Missy Hyatt tweeted.

Former WWE referee had his say on the CM Punk-AEW situation

Former WWE manager Mike Chioda stated that if he was in Tony Khan's position, he would never let go of CM Punk. He cited Punk's potential to boost the business as a big reason for this.

"I wouldn't let go of CM Punk because from a business point of view, whether they start pinning Punk down the road a year or two from now or whatever they do with him, I think they'll take him away from AEW," Chioda said. "That would be a huge draw in ratings on TV for WWE if they get Punk back." [H/T WrestlingInc]

The reactions to Colt's return have been interesting and this will certainly be a hotly debated talking point in the coming days. A potential return to WWE would be groundbreaking, considering everything the Chicago native has said about the company over the last 7 years.

Former WWE writer responds to Dave Meltzer's comments HERE

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