Wrestling veteran believes Triple H will attempt to bring back 6-time WWE Champion

An absent AEW star could potentially make his way back to WWE under Triple H.
An absent AEW star could potentially make his way back to WWE

Long-time referee Mike Chioda suggested that Triple H might make a move to bring back AEW star CM Punk to WWE.

With the third-party investigation of 'Brawl Out' reportedly coming to a close, The Second City Saint's AEW future could head towards an abrupt end.

It was reported that members of Tony Khan's locker room allegedly wanted no part of CM Punk in the future. There were also persistent rumors that the promotion is in talks to buyout Punk's remaining contract.

On his Monday Mailbag podcast, Chioda felt that WWE could make a run to lure Punk away from AEW. He also opined that if the Stamford-based promotion does, it could result in a massive rating spike on their weekly television shows.

The veteran referee said if he was in place of All Elite President Tony Khan, he wouldn't let go CM Punk.

"I wouldn't let go of CM Punk because from a business point of view, whether they start pinning Punk down the road a year or two from now or whatever they do with him, I think they'll take him away from AEW," Chioda said. "That would be a huge draw in ratings on TV for WWE if they get Punk back." [H/T WrestlingInc]

Punk is sidelined for the rest of the year due to a tricep injury that he sustained during his match against Jon Moxley. He is currently suspended along with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

His friend and trainer Ace Steel was also involved in the brawl and was recently released by the Jacksonville-based promotion.

Another veteran referee also commented on the rumored CM Punk-WWE reunion

Mike Chioda's former co-referee Jimmy Korderas also shared his thoughts on the constant talks about CM Punk possibly coming back to WWE under the administration of Triple H.

In a video he posted on his Twitter account, Korderas thought the sports entertainment giant should take a gamble on the former AEW World Champion despite alleged issues about his locker room attitude.

"Do you need someone who has the reputation of Punk backstage to disrupt what seems to be a good locker room environment right now? I think right now… yes, it would be controversial. It would draw some attention, but at the same time, do you want to take a chance of stirring the pot a little too much?”

Check out his thoughts below:

For now, Punk's AEW status remains undetermined and it would be interesting to see if the company could really pull the plug on their partnership with The Second City Saint.

Do you want to see CM Punk return to WWE after all these years? Sound off in the comments section below.

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