Wrestling world anticipates CM Punk's return after savagely being trolled on AEW Dynamite

CM Punk
Multi-time WWE and AEW World Champion CM Punk

Two-time AEW World Champion CM Punk has not been seen in Tony Khan's promotion since the 'Brawl-Out' incident. The Elite, who was also part of the altercation, made their return at the Full Gear pay-per-view. On last night's episode of Dynamite, The Elite was featured in another trios match where Kenny Omega mocked Punk and his friend and, as a result, got wrestling fans riled up.

This episode of Dynamite took place in Chicago, the hometown of CM Punk. As soon as The Elite made their way into the ring, the crowd began to chant "F*** The Elite", contrary to the chants during their debut.

During the match, Kenny Omega began trolling the live audience by biting Pac and then followed it by hitting CM Punk's finishing move, Go to Sleep. Matt Jackson also trolled Punk by botching Hangman's finisher, The Buckshot Lariat.

Kenny Omega bit PAC's arm and hit the GTS on #AEWDynamite! 😳#AEW

Fans saw this as a shot taken by Omega towards Punk and his friend Ace Steel and started praising the former AEW World Champion for doing so.

@SKWrestling_ Taking a Page out of the Ace Steel book I see
Kenny Omega hit a GTS on PAC in Chicago in front of a hostile crowd.This man the GOAT! 😂 #AEW #CMPunk…
@SKWrestling_ Gotta love Kenny 🤣🤣🤣
Kenny Omega doing a GTS in Chicago is wild omg 😂 #AEWDynamite
Go To Sleep gestureKenny Omega bites PACMatt Jackson botches the BuckshotUsing the actual GTSThey knew they were walking into enemy territory and they came prepared.

Furthermore, some fans suspected that the constant digs by The Elite seemed like the self-proclaimed Best in the World was making his return to AEW soon.

Kenny Omega just did a GTS!!! Dude idk man I think they got something in the works for the future
It’s going to be nuts when CM Punk comes back, this is great 😂
@AndyNemmity I think the crowd hated the elite less as the match went on because they took the CM Punk references as a sign that Punk is coming back and if he’s coming back then the Elite didn’t “take him away” therefore there’s no reason to hate them. Just a theory
Kenny Omega did a GTS…. I don’t believe punk is done in AEW.…

Some argued that Omega hit the move better than the multi-time WWE Champion.

Kenny omega did better gts than cm punk #aewdynamite
@AEW @KennyOmegamanX @BASTARDPAC The god of wrestling even does the GTS better than Punk lol

Omega mentioned in a recent interview that he wanted the fans to forget about the brawl-out and not blame anyone. Seeing how Omega went on to troll the Chicago-born wrestler, some people on the social media platform felt he was either hypocritical or was his plan all along to agitate the crowd even more.

Kenny Omega doing a media interview today where he goes "This isn't about The Elite vs. Punk" and then doing the GTS is either absolute genius if Punk is coming back or the most passive-aggressive play imaginable if he isn't, and with the Elite, both options are equally likely.
@TrevorDame Kenny’s interviews always have an element of work to them.
@TheEnemiesPE3 The trolling throughout the match was fantastic but when Kenny Omega did a GTS in Chicago, that was the cherry on top.
Kenny Omega doing the GTS that's a nail to the coffin #AEWDynamite
@chrisobread My man Kenny Omega using the GTS is just him proving his superiority 🔥🔥🔥

Kenny Omega thanked a former Bullet Club member for using his finisher on AEW Dynamite

While the Internet Wrestling Community is ridiculing Kenny Omega for using CM Punk's finisher, the former AEW Champion took to Twitter to thank one of his friends from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Kenta, for giving permission to use his finisher.

"Thank you, @KENTAG2S. Always a good brother. Bullet Club 4-Life amirite?" Kenny Omega tweeted.
Thank you, @KENTAG2S . Always a good brother. Bullet Club 4-Life amirite?

Kenta was the first person to use the Go To Sleep finish move and later on was taken up by CM Punk once he signed with WWE.

Despite Omega mentioning Kenta, fans still do believe that Omega was mocking the two-time AEW World Champion.

Do you think CM Punk will make a return to Tony Khan's promotion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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