"Don’t want to risk letting him go to WWE" - Wrestling fans explode in anger after Tony Khan allegedly refuses to buy out 9-time world champion's AEW contract 

Tony Khan has recently come under fire again
Tony Khan has recently come under fire again

Recent reports of AEW not being interested in buying out former WWE Champion CM Punk's contract have sent rumors flying in the pro-wrestling community.

Ever since the infamous meltdown at the All Out pay-per-view media scrum, the Second City Saint has kept a low profile. However, there have been multiple reports of his status with regard to Tony Khan's company. So far, the chances of Punk returning to the Promotion seem slim.

With the return of the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, CM Punk's chances of making a comeback have never been more remote. Furthermore, the most recent report states that AEW may be uninterested in buying out the rest of his contract.

Despite his flaws and the All Out incident, the Second City Saint still has a massive fanbase. The aforementioned report has reawakened hope in many people about his potential return. Here are some of the comments posted on Twitter regarding the same.

@WrestlingNewsCo Respectfully, I don’t care about the feelings of other wrestlers. I am a FAN, and I care about what’s on my TV and what I want is CM Punk BACK ON IT
@WrestlingNewsCo Cm punk vs Kenny omega is money
@WrestlingNewsCo Imagine paying Andrade, Punk and others to just sit at home and collect money cause you're too afraid they will be bigger stars in WWE or literally anywhere else.
@WrestlingNewsCo Bring him back once he's healthy
@WrestlingNewsCo No chance in hell CM punk comes back. After all the Elite antics last week. Can forget any possible way of them being in the same locker room. Everyone needs to move on.
@WrestlingNewsCo - until wrestlemania has passed
@WrestlingNewsCo In other words — he sits out the remainder of his deal (which “technically” they could add his injury time back on, similar to what WWE did to Mysterio years ago) or they try to work something out and he comes back to AEW. They basically don’t want to risk letting him go to WWE
@WrestlingNewsCo Feel like the hopeful comments didn’t read the part about firing him once he’s healed up, to avoid litigation
@WrestlingNewsCo Because TK probably wants Punk back
@WrestlingNewsCo They are miraculous going to work it out...
@WrestlingNewsCo I still maintain Punk will come back. This angle will make insane money. Omega vs. Punk could sell out the damn Superdome.

Will CM Punk actually join Tony Khan's roster again despite souring relations? Only time will tell.

Jim Cornette had recently praised the former WWE Champion's run in AEW

Despite his flaws and shortcomings, WWE veteran Jim Cornette seemingly still respects the Second City Saint.

In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, Cornette heaped praise on both Punk and MJF for their storyline in AEW.

"He talks to people, he sounds genuine, he looks genuine... CM Punk is not the, he doesn't have the physique of Ric Flair, nor the outlandish persona. He is not the greatest worker in the world like Eddie Guerrero. But he understands mentally what wrestling is and he was one of the only ones on TV over the last six months or so exhibiting that... One of the other ones was MJF, and when they got together it was magic, because that's wrestling," said Cornette. [From 1:37 to 2:21]

Only time will tell if the Chicago native will be able to recreate his brand of magic in AEW again.

Do you want to see CM Punk in Tony Khan's roster again? Would it be better if he joined WWE? Sound off in the comments below!

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