"I hate the commentating team" - Dutch Mantell points out the biggest issue with AEW Rampage (Exclusive)

The wrestling veteran doesn't shy away from sharing his views on AEW.
The wrestling veteran doesn't shy away from sharing his views on AEW.
Arpit Shrivastava

Dutch Mantell recently blasted AEW over the picture-in-picture commercials the promotion airs during matches on Rampage and the show's commentary team.

While Dynamite usually has typical advertisements, AEW adopted a picture-in-picture approach for Rampage, airing commercials simultaneously with matches. However, many have criticized the company, including Dutch Mantell, as it takes away one's attention from the in-ring work.

Speaking on the latest episode of Sportskeeda's Smack Talk, the former WWE manager stated that he hated the picture-in-picture commercials. He explained that after coming back from the break, the performers hardly do anything of note and that the matches end in a few minutes.

Furthermore, Mantell added that he hated AEW Rampage's commentary team, as having so many broadcasters leads to one overlapping the other.

"And then you got the 90-second picture-in-picture break which I hate. I don't know why I hate it, but when they come back, they don't do anything more. They just do the upfront, and I even understand why they use it, but I just don't like it. I mean, they are not gonna listen to me. And I hate the commentating team too. Well, I can't hear them most of the time; they are just stomping all over each other." (1:06:22 - 1:06:56)

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Check out the results from this week's Rampage here.

Dutch Mantell on Top Flight vs. The Young Bucks from AEW Rampage

Criticisms aside, Dutch Mantell still enjoyed the opening match of this week's Rampage that saw The Young Bucks defeating Top Flight.

As expected, the bout was a high-flying affair that saw the two teams perform several high-risk maneuvers. The wrestling legend particularly praised the high spots from the matches, saying that though it was fast-paced, it was well-worked and never fell apart.

"They're good [Top Flight]. That move, the three-way they did, where one gets behind the other and goes over, I'll have to run that back to tell you what they did because it was a match of many high-spots. It was well done, and it was fast-paced," added Mantel. (1:05:50 - 1:06:21)
The @youngbucks proving once again why they are masters of the game with a hard fought victory over @TopFlight612! How will they respond to #FTR’s challenge from this past Wednesday night on #AEWDynamite? Don’t miss a minute of the action here on #AEWRampage on TNT!

Later in the show, The Young Bucks accepted FTR's challenge for a rematch, revealing they would go to war at next week's episode of AEW Dynamite.

Do you agree with Dutch Mantell's biggest gripe about Rampage? Sound off in the comments section below.

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