Dutch Mantell outlines a major advantage AEW roster has over WWE (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell believes AEW has a great approach to managing its roster
Dutch Mantell believes AEW has a great approach to managing its roster
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WWE and AEW have recently been locked in a fierce battle for popularity. While the Stamford-based company still has the upper hand, Dutch Mantell pointed out that AEW's roster is better than its competitors' thanks to its booking strategy.

Since starting All Elite Wrestling in 2019, Tony Khan has been cautious about booking his roster. This has led to several mid-card stars, like Wheeler Yuta and Wardlow, being built up and released into the spotlight.

In comparison, WWE has stuck to its tried-and-tested method of building up a few select individuals to larger-than-life status instead of everyone. Hence, Roman Reigns is currently the biggest name on the brand, surpassing everyone else across the roster.

Speaking about the booking difference between the two promotions on Sportskeeda's SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell stated that AEW's strategy made more sense because fans are familiar with the mid-card talent as well as the top stars.

"The difference between AEW and WWE, you actually know their mid card in AEW. You know their roster... You see 'em every week [WWE Superstars], you know 'em. You know 'em too well. But with AEW, I mean they can leave'em off TV a couple of times but you still know who they are." (53:23 - 53:51)

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As of now, AEW is still behind in the rating race against WWE. Only time will tell which of the two brands will stay more popular and relevant in the future.

Dutch Mantell recently pointed out a flaw in a top WWE star

The wrestling veteran certainly doesn't hesitate to give constructive criticism when needed, as he spoke about another major wrestler recently.

While Bobby Lashley is a force to be reckoned with in the ring, Mantell recently opined that he does not connect with the audience enough. The veteran said:

"I never felt the [Lashley's] connection to the people, to the fans. The fans make stars. Let's take Dusty Rhodes... People were happy with that, they connected to Dusty Rhodes, and they connected to Hulk Hogan or Roddy Piper or Steve Austin or The Rock. That chemistry there with Lashley, nothing with his body or his work, his connectability to the fans is lacking."

Despite Mantell's criticism, Lashley is undoubtedly considered one of the top stars of the promotion. While he has been out of the world title picture, it remains to be seen how the promotion books him in the coming weeks.

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