Former AEW star details how Cody Rhodes re-invents himself in the ring (Exclusive)

Cody Rhodes is one of the most talked about pro wrestlers in the industry today.
Cody Rhodes is one of the most talked about pro wrestlers in the industry today.

Cody Rhodes' WWE return remains a talking point in the industry, and many fans believe he'll be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns. But how did Stardust become The American Nightmare? Dan Lambert recently sat down with Sportskeeda, giving us an insight into Rhodes' backstage habits.

With his recent announcement as a participant in the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble, fans are more sure that he'll not only win the event but also go on to become World Champion. Despite this, Cody Rhodes was once one of the biggest AEW stars.

During his exclusive interview with Sportskeeda's Head Editor Bill Apter, Dan Lambert recalled what he'd usually see Rhodes getting up to backstage in AEW.

"If you walked backstage and happened to go by Cody Rhodes’s locker room and looked inside, whether it was three hours before the show or six hours before the show, the guy was in there on his laptop watching old-school wrestling and taking notes." [01:15 onward]

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WWE legend Mick Foley seems to believe that Cody Rhodes will win this year's Royal Rumble, especially if neither Stone Cold nor The Rock will make it in time.

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Despite his praise for Cody Rhodes, Dan Lambert still feels like the star has forgotten essential things about wrestling

While WWE fans seem to be elated about the possibilities Rhodes has in WWE, AEW fans still seem to be hurt by the star's departure. Notably, Matt Hardy believes that the star will end up being booed in WWE like he once was in AEW.

Up against @PENTAELZEROM @ReyFenixMx and Cody Rhodes (Cody got Booed out of the building)

Continuing in the same interview, Lambert claimed that Cody has forgotten the things he's learned about professional wrestling.

"If you wanna talk about a student of the game, somebody who took advantage of growing up in the business, and learning from the best, and being around the best, and just being born into it, born to be great? That guy has forgotten more about professional wrestling than I’ll ever know." [01:32 onward]

Lambert is clearly not a fan of what The American Nightmare has been doing, despite respecting his ability and potential. Some AEW fans seem to agree online, but has Cody Rhodes lost touch with what's important?

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